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Here are a variety of pages where Tulsa Audubon members can share pictures, writings and other information. The topic can be anything of related to birds or nature, such as your backyard habitat, bird photos, poems or other writings, etc.

To make a contribution contact John Kennington.

Golden-crowned Sparrow in Norman
White Hummingbird in Broken Arrow
Skua species at Lake Overholser in Oklahoma City
Albino Red-tailed Hawk in Tulsa
Photos of a December hummingbird in Collinsvile
Photos from the TAS birds & wine trip to Grand Lake and Summerside Winery
Photos by Jim Mitchell from TAS field trip to Devil's Den, April 2008
Black Lab Zoe rescues injured American Avocet in Broken Arrow
These photos of an albinistic (or leucistic?) American Goldfinch we submitted by Caren Glenn, at her feeder in Manndford, OK on Jan 3, 2008.
Frank Boston sent this photo, on May 8, 2007, of a dead warbler that hit a window in south Tulsa asking for help to ID it.  I received the photos on May 8, 2007.  I posted a query on OKBirds and the responses are included here.
I received an email on asking me what birds these feathers might be from. Here is some photos I was sent, along with a description
White Peahen in Broken Arrow
Golden-cheeked Warbler at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge near Austin, Texas
Young Bald Eagles Rescued From Fallen Nest
Snowy Owl Found In Inola, Feb. 2004
Pine Warbler in Bixby at home of John Kennington
Backyard Habitat at home of Charlotte Clark of Glenpool.


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