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The Mission of the Tulsa Audubon Society

To foster appreciation, enjoyment and stewardship of our natural world.

We work to achieve this in four ways

  • Promote the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment

  • Provide the opportunity for study and observation of birds and all wildlife

  • Contribute to research in the fields of conservation and ornithology by monetary support and active participation

  • Educate the public on the need to protect the environment, and to promote a better public understanding of these natural resources 

Founded in 1935

Our annual sale is now in progress
 Click here to place an order
Email or call John Kennington at 918-809-6325
New Deadline for orders 
10:00 a.m. Oct. 20th
Pick up day is Nov. 1

October Society Meeting

Oct. 21, Tue. Society Meeting. “Ecuador in 4G: Going, Going, Guango, Galapagos" with  Dr. Doug Wood. Doug Wood, Ph.D., is Professor of Biological  Sciences at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He is an ornithologist and avid birder who travels far and wide in pursuit of birds. Tonight’s talk will feature photographs and tales from his recent adventures in the Galapagos Islands.

Tulsa Audubon is excited to announce a new program, our "Bird Friendly Business" initiative. TAS believes that businesses in the Tulsa area should, whenever possible and practicable, do no harm to native birds and their habitats.  Further, whenever possible, TAS believes that businesses should promote and enhance the habitat and well-being of birds through positive actions aimed at sustaining native bird populations and habitats.  Whenever TAS becomes aware of such activities, it will recognize those entities that meet our criteria for certification as a Bird Friendly Business.

Click here to view the criteria, and apply for a Bird Friendly Business certification.

We can also announce that the first business to be recognized as a Bird Friendly Business is the downtown Doubletree Hotel, in recognition of their efforts to provide a sanctuary for the huge flocks of Purple Martin that roost n their property every August. We will have a presentation ceremony on Saturday, August 9th at 8:15, during our annual Purple Martin Watch, held on the top floor of the Doubletree parking garage. Please join us that evening to view the martins, and thank the Doubletree for being bird-friendly!

A Birder's Guide To Everything

!!Screening is SOLD OUT!!

On Tuesday, Aug. 26 TAS is hosting an exclusive Tulsa screening of the movie "A Birder's Guide to Everything" at the AMC Southroads 20 Theater at 7:30 p.m. You can learn more about the movie, starring Ben Kingsley, and view the trailer at:

This will be a fund-raiser for TAS, and the way it works is you order your tickets on-line in advance, but your card will not be charged immediately. There is a minimum number of tickets we need to sell (64 in our case), and once that is met the movie is confirmed and you are charged. Other Audubon groups around the country have also been presenting this film over the last few months, and many have had sold out theaters!

If you are able to go please be sure to reserve your tickets ASAP, so we can get the showing confirmed.

Amazon Smile Porgram

If you shop at Amazon, please use this this link, and TAS will received a donation based on you total purchase. This is a painless way to support Tulsa Audubon!

Butterflies & Pollinators

Click here for information and handouts on the butterflies and moths of Oklahoma


TAS Summer Picnic

Summer has arrived and it is time for the annual TAS Member's Picnic! This year we will be having the picnic at TAS' latest project, Flycatcher Trail Outdoor Classroom and Demonstration Garden. If you have not seen it yet this is the perfect opportunity to experience it for yourself.

Flycatcher Trail is located at the far northeast corner of the Jenks High School complex at 364 E F St., Jenks, (at the corner of N. 3rd St. and E. F St. Note that 3rd does not go all the way through, so from Main St. you need to head north on 5th St, and then turn onto F St.) Click here for a Google Map

To learn more about Flycatcher Tail, visit its Facebook page at

So bring the family out for some summertime fellowship and relaxation. TAS will provide burgers, hot dogs, beverages, cups, plates, and eating utensils. Please bring a dish to share if you can. And this year please be sure to bring a chair, since there are no picnic tables available (we will have several tables available to use.) Contact John Kennington at 918-809-6325.


Flycatcher Trail Outdoor Classroom

Calling ALL Volunteers... if you would like to get your hands dirty at the Trail, we could SURELY use your help on the following volunteer work days. We have LOTS to do before our May 5th opening. The times shown are blocks for when someone will be there - come when you can, go when you must, between these times:

  • Sunday April 13, noon to 5pm
      Due to bad weather forecast, Now Sat. Apr 14 11-4

  • Saturday April 26, 10am to 4pm

  • Sunday April 27, noon to 5pm

  • Saturday May 3 time TBA

TAS received a $25,000 grant from Audubon's ToyotoTogetherGreen program, as well as a grant from FedEx, and tons of support from local companies. This has boosted the total budget, between grants and in-kind support, to $85,000!

We have a new website devoted to this project. Please visit it at to see more photos of the fantastic water feature currently under construction by Oklahoma Landscape, who have donated literally tons of rocks.

2013 Annual Recorder's Report


Paul Ribitzki's 2013 Recorder's Annual Report of sightings in Tulsa County for 2013 is now available! I again would highly encourage anyone interested in birds to take a look at this very well done report and summary. Paul presents the data in several ways, and highlights unusual birds seen in 2013 not seen in 2012 and vice-versa. You can view previous year's reports on the Recorder's Report page


Birding Camp Scholarships Awarded

Applications are now closed, and thanks to a generous donor, we are pleased to announce we are able to award four scholarship this year!

 Congratulations to:

  • Richard Hasegawa (Thoreau Demonstration Academy)

  • Adelynn Woodard (Thoreau Demonstration Academy)

  • Taylor Mitchell (Jenks High School)

  • Grace Clark (Riverfield Country Day School)

Richard will be attending Camp Avocet in Delaware, and Adelynn, Taylor and Grace will be attending Camp Colorado.

Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival
Student Scholarships

Thanks to our very generous donor, Tulsa Audubon is able to offer up to three scholarships for young persons interested in birds or nature to attend the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival in Woodward, OK on April 25-27, 2014. The scholarships will be for $500 each, which will pay for most of the student's and chaperone/parent’s 2 day hotel stay in Woodward and entry into various events and field trips. Three scholarships will be given to students 12-18 years of age. Applicants should submit an essay of approximately 250-500 words explaining why they would like to attend and why they enjoy nature.

Applicants can be from anywhere in Oklahoma.

Essays should be submitted by March 1st. Essays should be submitted to John Kennington at The TAS Board will review the applications and the winners will be announced on March 2.

For information on the festival, see If you have any questions about the festival please email or call John Kennington, 918-809-6325.

Please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.

Flycatcher Trails Outdoor Classroom

We're making excellent progress on the Flycatcher Trails Outdoor Classroom at the Jenks High School. As you may recall, we received a $25,000 grant from Audubon's ToyotoTogetherGreen program, as well as a grant from FedEx, and tons of support from local companies. This has boosted the total budget, between grants and in-kind support, to $85,000!

We have a new website devoted to this project. Please visit it at to see more photos of the fantastic water feature currently under construction by Oklahoma Landscape, who have donated literally tons of rocks.

2013 Annual Report

Please click here for our year end report written by TAS VP Cheryl Kilpatrick. I hope you can take a few minutes to read it. TAS has had an incredibly active year for a volunteer organization! I'd like to point out just some of the highlights:

  • We had another successful Eagle Days, now held in Tulsa and Jenks, reaching hundreds of participants.

  • This is a bit far afield, but TAS is a prime sponsor of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival in NW Oklahoma, attracting participants from all over the country.

  • The Backyard Habitat Garden Tour continues to reach hundreds of people with the message of the value of native plants.

  • The Purple Martin Roost Watch continues to increase in popularity. This year we had two watches, each attended by over 100 people.

  • We have integrated our wildlife rehabber partners WING-IT into TAS, and they are now a vital part of the organization.

  • We launched a new event, Wild at Art, on the day of our November general meeting, with great success!

  • We received a $25,000 grant from the Audubon Together Green program for the Flycatcher Trails outdoor classroom we are developing with the Jenks Public Schools.

  • We sent another high school student to a birding camp in Arizona, and offered scholarships to the Prairie-Chicken Festival, thanks to the support of an anonymous donor.

And those are just the highlights! Be sure to read the full report to learn all the good work TAS has accomplished in 2013!

2013-14 Calendar Now Available



Our calendar of events for the 2013-2014 program year is now available. You can either view it on the calendar web page or download a printable version.


Be sure to check out another great year of programs and other events, starting with Saturday morning birders on Sept 14, followed by our first monthly meeting on Sept 17 featuring the always popular Dr. Mia Revels sharing her adventures and exploits studying Swainson's warblers in the remote stretches of southeast Oklahoma.

New TAS Logo


You may have noticed on the upper left of our web site a new logo! Thanks to TAS board member and artist Kim Doner we now have a new and modern logo for Tulsa Audubon.



Annual Recorder's Report


A long-time position for Tulsa Audubon is Recorder, and for many years Paul Ribitzki has filled that role, recording and summarizing bird sightings in Tulsa County.  The annual report of sightings for 2012 is available on the web site on the Recorder's Report page. I would highly encourage anyone interested in birds to take a look at this very well done report and summary. Paul presents the data in several ways, and highlights unusual birds seen in 2011 not seen in 2012 and vice-versa.


Monthly Meetings

We take a break from our monthly TAS meeting duringhte summer. We will resume in September. Watch this page in late August for an announcement of our 2014-2015 programs and field trips.

WING-IT's Mission: We at WING-IT strive to rehabilitate songbirds that have been found orphaned, sick, injured or otherwise displaced, with the ultimate goal of releasing them as healthy birds back into the wild. We desire to train a large base of dedicated volunteers in the various stages of songbird care, to support a centrally located Song Bird Center that a thriving city like Tulsa deserves to have. Finally, it is the wishes of WING-IT to educate the public about the joys and importance of birds to the health of the world, in an effort to encourage us all to be better stewards of our environment.

For more information about WING-IT, visit their web site at

2012-2013 Calendar

The Tulsa Audubon Calendar for 2012-2013 is finally ready! The calendar page on the web site is now updated, or you can download the printed calendar.




Jim Arterburn's presentation on the shorebirds of northeastern Oklahoma

Click here to view Jim's Jan. 2001 presentation to Tulsa Audubon. His complete PowerPoint file is available (as a PDF file), as well as his identification tips, his complete migration chart, references, location information, and annotated maps of the sod farms, Keystone Lake & Oologah Lake.

Raptors Injured & Killed By Methane Burners

Landfill methane burners and other smokestacks are a little recognized threat to raptors. Click here to read a report on this threat to our hawks, owls and eagles written by Raptor Rehabber and TAS member Gary Siftar.

Tulsa County Checklist Updated!

The TAS Field Checklist of Birds of Tulsa County, Oklahoma has just been updated by a committee of Paul Ribitzki, John Kennington, Jo Loyd & Jim Arterburn. It is based on the records collected by Amy Lambert from 2000 to 2007 and the expert insight of Jo and Jim. It is available here as a PDF File formatted for easy printing, and printed field cards are for sale.

A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma
On-line Edition

Tulsa Audubon's A Guide to Birding in Oklahoma, first published in 1973, with a second edition in 1986 has been out of print for many years. Rather than publish a revised edition, TAS decided to make the information available here on our web site, updating and adding accounts as needed. I also have created custom maps in Google Maps and Google Earth, allowing you to zoom in on your favorite area. Click here to visit.

Do I have a Mutant Cardinal
At My Feeder?

No, you simply have a bald Cardinal. They are normal Cardinals, and spotting a bald one is not that unusual. Click here for more details about bald Cardinals.

Like Butterflies?


Visit our Butterfly Resource Page

Shorebirds In Northeastern Oklahoma
by Jim Arterburn


im Arterburn presented a program to Tulsa Audubon on the shorebirds of northeastern Oklahoma, and he has graciously shared his presentation, notes maps and other information for those not able to attend the meeting.

Have You Found an Injured
or Orphaned Bird

Click here for information from
Oxley Nature Center about what to do

Tulsa Audubon Celebrates 70th Anniversary!

Tulsa Audubon was founded in April, 1935 and at our December 2005 meeting we celebrated our 70th anniversary with a party and short presentation about our history, and recognized long-time member Aline Romero.

Click here for photos from the meeting and party

Click here to view the old photos and text from the presentation

We presented her a framed picture from an article about Aline and Forrest from 1986. Click here to see the full article.

Image of a banded Pigeon. Photo - http://www.AlbertaClassic.comI Found a Banded Pigeon.
How Do I Return It?

Click here for some resources on caring for lost pigeons and how to read their bands.

Member's Gallery
A new feature has been added to our web site, a Member's Gallery, where you can share photos, writings, etc. of interest to other TAS members. We currently have contributions from Charlotte Clark of Glenpool, with photos of her backyard habitat, photos of a Snowy Owl found in Inola, and the photos of Eagles rescued form a fallen nest.

Some Of Our Chapter Activities

Recorder's Report

Bald Eagles

Deep Fork NWR

Least Terns

Audubon Adventures

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2014-2015 Calendar

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2013 Recorder's Annual Report

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Upcoming Events


Oct. 11, Sat. Saturday Morning Birders. Leader: Terry Mitchell,


Oct. 21, Tue. Society Meeting. “Ecuador in 4G: Going, Going, Guango, Galapagos" with  Dr. Doug Wood.


Oct. 1-12. Oklahoma Ornithological Society Fall meeting, Stillwater, OK. See


Nov. 1, Sun. Bird Seed Sale Pickup Day. 10:00 - 4:00.


Nov. 8, Sat. Saturday Morning Birders. Leader: Terry Mitchell,

Nov. 18, Tue. Wild at Art. Join us for our annual Wild at Art event, featuring original fine art, high-end artisanal crafts, signed prints and photographs, and fabulous gift items, all created by Oklahoma artists and artisans. It will be held at the Tulsa Garden Center from 1:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., the start of our monthly TAS meeting. For this special day our speaker is Suzie Gilbert, author, blogger & bird rehabber from New York. Booths will reopen at about 8:45 though 9:15 for last minute purchases. See


Nov. 18, Tue. Society Meeting. “Adventures in Rehabbing", with Suzie Gilbert. Please note Tulsa Audubon's Wild at Art is also held on this date, before and after the monthly program.



Oklahoma Audubon Council


Follow the Whooping Cranes!

Again Whooping Cranes released in Wisconsin are following an ultralight plane on their migration. Follow their daily progress at Operation Migration. You can also find more info on the Cranes at Bring Back The Cranes and at the Int'l Crane Foundation.

We are the local chapter of the National Audubon Society

Contact Information

The Tulsa Audubon Society can be reached by phone, mail or e-mail. We encourage you to contact us with your comments, suggestions or stories.

Tulsa Audubon Society
P.O. Box 330140
Tulsa, OK 74133

For general questions contact President  John Kennington, 809-6325
For bird reports contact Recorder Paul Ribitzki 243-5515
Comments about this Web site contact John Kennington

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