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Butterfly Resources

Variegated Fritillary by Jim Thayer

Studying and enjoying butterflies has become a very popular pastime. Here are some resources to learn more about the butterflies of we have in northeast Oklahoma.

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Local Butterfly Information


Here is a list of upcoming Butterfly Counts in Oklahoma


Here is a compilation of Oklahoma Butterfly Watching Locations


Here is a checklist of Butterflies of Mohawk Park compiled by Jim Thayer


John Nelson, Professor Emeritus of Biology at ORU, has graciously allowed us to post these lists of the documented butterfly & moth species records by county for Oklahoma

Butterfly & moth species records by county for Oklahoma.


Here is a page of Butterfly Photographs from 2004 by Bob Gard

Butterfly Links of Local Interest

The Tulsa Master Gardeners web site has a section of information about the butterflies of Tulsa County, featuring photos by TAS member Jim Thayer.

TAS member John Fisher has created the OKLeps Yahoo Discussion Group for sharing information about the butterflies of Oklahoma.

Hershel Raney's Random Natural Acts web site has lots of good photographs of Arkansas butterflies (many of which also occur in Oklahoma) along with a few other critters and some wonderful essays on being out in the woods.

Butterflies and Moths of North America is an outstanding resource site now hosted by Montana State University's Big Sky Institute. Formerly hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, the contents include photos, species descriptions, habitat, larval food plants, range maps, and conservation status.

Butterfly Books of Local Interest

Here are some books suggested by Jim Thayer on getting started in studying butterflies. These books are available for purchase at Oxley Nature Center, or through the By using the Amazon links provided here Oxley Nature Center will receive a percentage of the sale.

For good general information on all aspects of butterflies:

How To Spot Butterflies
by Pat and Clay Sutton
ISBN 0-395-89275-9

For Identification of butterflies:

The Butterflies of Oklahoma, Kansas, & North Texas
by John Dole, Walter Gerard, & John Nelson
ISBN: 0806135549
This book was just published in April 2004 and covers 100 of our most common species with photographs, description, similar species, habitat, food plants, & range maps by county. The second part of the book contains sections on life stages and raising butterflies, butterfly gardening, hotspots with species lists, identification tips, and butterfly photography. Highly recommended.

Butterflies of North America
By Jim P. Brock & Kenn Kaufman
ISBN 0-618-25400-5

Butterflies Through Binoculars, The East
By Jeffrey Glassberg
ISBN 0-19-510668-7

For Moths:

Butterflies and Moths of Missouri
By J. Richard and Joan E. Heitzman




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