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Tulsa Closing Trash to Energy Plant

Tulsa trash to energy plant is closing. Twenty years ago Tulsa made an investment in the future, doing something to ensure Tulsa would be able to handle its trash far into the future.

But now, after paying of the debt to build it, the city has made the short-sighted decision to not use it, because the the landfills offer a slightly lower rate.

But how long will that lower rate last? We will eventually run out of landfill space, even in wide-open Oklahoma. And what about all the talk about making Tulsa a "green" city?

City Public Works Department Director Charles Hardt said, "In the end, I could not justify asking ratepayers to continue subsidizing a private business at a time when we have an existing agreement to take our refuse to the landfill, which charges a substantially lower disposal rate than the trash-to-energy plant."

This is NOT subsidizing a private company. It IS about making decisions in the best long-term interest of the city. It is a classic case of being penny-wise and pound foolish.

Click here for the Tulsa World article on the plant closing.

Please contact Mayor Taylor, the City Council and Governor Henry to let them know you want Tulsa to do the right thing and make a decision in Tulsa's long-term future.

You may contact Mayor Taylor at 200 Civic Center Tulsa, OK 74103, or call the Mayor's Action Center at (918) 596-2100 or send an email to

To contact your City Councilor, click here for a map of city council districts to find your councilor and their email, or you can send a letter to 200 Civic Center Tulsa, OK 74103



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