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Coffee Order Mail-In Form

On-Line Order Form

We will be taking orders for coffee through October 2nd, and it will be available for pick up on or after October 16, at our Bird Seed Sale Day. You may also pick it up at the November TAS meeting. If you would like more information or to place an order, please contact John Kennington at 809-6325. You may print an order form to mail in with your check or you may place your order on-line using your credit or debit card by using our bird seed/coffee online order page.

TAS will again be offering shade grown coffee. The following products are available in drip grind, whole bean or espresso at $11 ($12 for decaf and hazelnut) for a 12 oz. package, which includes sales tax. To order please print out our Song Bird Coffee Order Form. You can include it with your your bird seed. Contact John Kennington via email or phone at 809-6325 with any questions. Your order will be available for pick up on or after Oct. 25, or at the November TAS meeting. The deadline to order is Oct. 11. Please order what you will need as we will only be ordering a small amount of extra coffee. 

The product we have chosen is Song Bird Coffee, the product of a joint venture between the American Birding Association (ABA) and Thanksgiving Coffee Company. This line of shade-grown coffees enables bird lovers and coffee lovers to vote with their pocketbooks for the survival of bird habitat while enjoying superb coffee. The company returns 15 cents per package to the ABA and this will also be a fundraiser for TAS as well, so everyone wins with Song Bird Coffee. 

Please read the following information to understand the importance to our birds of drinking shade-grown coffee, or jump to the detailed descriptions of the various coffees we have available.


Song Bird Costa Rican light
Mild, Regular, Certified, Organic, Cooperative, Sustainable, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Intense, Sweet, Acidy, Heavy Body, Fruity, Aromatic, Floral,
Song Bird Guatemalan
Mild, Regular, Certified, Organic, Cooperative, Sustainable, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Sweet, Acidy, Aromatic, Bright, Lively
Song Bird Hazelnut
Mild, Regular, Certified, Organic, Cooperative, Sustainable, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Flavored, Nutty, Aromatic, Savory, Mellow, Subtle, Dessert
Song Bird Nicaraguan
Medium, Regular, Certified, Organic, Cooperative, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Sweet, Acidy, Fruity, Nutty, Chocolaty, Aromatic, Floral, Delicate, Caramel
Song Bird Panama
Medium, Regular, Cooperative, Sustainable, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Fruity, Floral, Delicate, Subtle
Song Bird French Roast
Strong, Regular, Certified, Organic, Fair Trade, Cooperative, Sustainable, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Intense, Toasty, Spicy Food, Caramel, French Roast
Song Bird Decaf - SWP Organic
Medium, Decaf, Swiss Water Process, Certified, Organic, Cooperative, Sustainable, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Heavy Body, Chocolaty, Toasty, Complex, Blend

Coffee Order Form

Song Bird Coffee

Song Bird Coffee is the product of a joint venture between the American Birding Association (ABA) and Thanksgiving Coffee Company. Together they offer the Song Bird line of shade-grown coffees to enable bird lovers and coffee lovers and everyone to vote with their pocketbooks for the survival of bird habitat while enjoying superb coffee.  The ABA endorses Song Bird Coffee, while Thanksgiving produces and markets the product. The company also returns 15 cents per package to the ABA. 

As well as supporting birders' interests and developing their skills, the nonprofit American Birding Association promotes the health and safety of bird populations. Thanksgiving Coffee Company has been a socially and environmentally aware coffee producer for over 25 years.  Convinced of Thanksgiving's pioneering and time-tested values, the ABA approached the company to be its partner in the Song Bird project. 

The issues: preserving forests and people

Traditionally and naturally, most coffee has been grown in the shade of rainforests. Beginning in 1972, farmers have been encouraged to increase crop yields by clearcutting their farms and switching to new sun-tolerant hybrids. 

 The slow but steady conversion to sun-grown coffee has resulted in massive deforestation that continues to this day. Sun growing has also increased pollution, as it requires chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides unnecessary for shade growing. Once committed to this technified process, farmers can find themselves unable to afford the requisite chemicals in times of natural disasters and lean harvests.

The issues: preserving bird habitat

Many birds familiar to North Americans migrate to the canopies of Latin American rainforests. In fact, 33% of all migratory birds that breed in the United States spend winter in coffee growing areas of Latin America. 

Shade coffee farms support over 150 species of birds. This is a far greater number than is found in other agricultural habitats and is only slightly exceeded in undisturbed rainforests. In the midst of shrinking rainforest habitat, migratory birds have found sanctuary in shade-grown farms. 


Thanksgiving Coffee uses verified shade grown coffee. This means that its CEO, Paul Katzeff, or the importer has personally inspected the farm to insure that the plants are properly grown in the shade.  Thanksgiving's certified organic coffees are assessed by organizations such as the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA). The company's certification includes its plant and processing, a level of inspection beyond that undertaken by most producers. All Thanksgiving's organics are shade-grown as well as certified organic. 

Tastes great!

By the way, there's no need to sacrifice your pleasure to help the planet. Coffee grown in its natural environment in nutrient-rich soil has time to develop all its sugars as it matures fully. This natural process translates to the best taste for you. 



Coffees Available

Song Bird Costa Rican Light
Mild coffee
Regular, Intense, Sweet, Acidy, Heavy Body, Fruity, Aromatic, Floral

Costa Rica has a unique system of production that makes it difficult for a roaster or coffee importer to deal with farmers directly, or with cooperatives (I don’t know of any). In Costa Rica farmers deliver ripe (hopefully) cherries to “the mill” or beneficio. There are 92 government licensed, privately owned mills (as of 1999 when I last visited). The mills are the major exporters because they have the finished product. So it is difficult to get past them to see the faces of the farmers who grew and picked the coffee we purchase.

However, a few of the mills have responded to the demand for certified organic coffee, and we purchase from them via our good friends at Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers.

The coffee is grown in the Terrazu region at altitudes above 1200 meters, in the shade using organic methods. Its flavor is completely “Costa Rican.” If you want to experience a classical Costa Rican coffee, with rich fruity tones and heavy body, mild in flavor but intense, with a nice smooth finish, try this one.

Song Bird Guatemalan
Mild coffee
Regular, Sweet, Acidy, Lively, Aromatic, Bright

This is a very high grown coffee from the Santa Isabel estate in the eastern part of Guatemala, from the "La Voz que Clama en el Desierto" cooperative, or "The Voice that Cries out in the Desert."

The villages that make up the cooperative are located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The co-op members are of Mayan descent and the place is magical. As most indigenous people do, the inhabitants of this area believe their home is at the center of the world. Their language does not include the concept of "leaving home"; instead they say that the first step out is the first step back as well. In part through the support of Thanksgiving Coffee Company, the cooperative now has its own processing mill and produces award winning coffee of the finest flavor.

It grows slowly in the shade of Citrus, Ficus, Inga, Mango, and Banana trees which provide habitat for Flycatchers, Great Kiskadees, Motmots, Parrots, Doves and Woodpeckers. At a light roast this coffee . The light to medium roast of Song Bird Guatemala, with a big rich taste, a nice sparkle and good aroma, allows the full "voice" of Guatemala to come through. Certified organic and fair traded.

Song Bird Nicaraguan
Medium coffee
Regular, Sweet, Acidy, Fruity, Nutty, Chocolaty, Aromatic,  Floral, Delicate, Caramel 

In the mountains of Matagalpa, a primo coffee growing region of Nicaragua, the Corrales family has been developing sustainable agriculture for three generations. Organic techniques applied to mango, guava, cinnamon, cedar etc. for coffee shade as well as fruit crops have attracted many students of sustainable agriculture from around the world. When asked about song birds, Byron Corrales' father said: " In the morning, I am the conductor of a symphony." In a medium roast it has a rich, full, nutty taste with a smooth sweet aftertaste. 

Their coffee was judged to be among the top 25 in Nicaragua at the 2002 National Coffee “Cup of Excellence” competition held in Managua in July. There is good reason. The coffee has the plum-fruity soft acidity so well balanced with its milk-chocolaty flavor that it literally melts in your mouth. 

It grows and develops under exquisite virgin rainforest, thick with orchids, birds, ants of all kinds, howler monkeys and black jaguars roam the high country as well. Certified organic

Song Bird Hazelnut
Mild coffee
Regular, Flavored, Nutty, Aromatic, Savory, Mellow, Subtle, Dessert

One thing about coffee is that it goes well with many other flavors, nut flavors being among the best. Our Song Bird Hazelnut is smooth and mellow, but not overwhelming. It is great as a dessert or with chocolate desserts, apple pie, and any dessert that goes well with nuts!

This coffee makes a great Irish coffee and is spectacular iced. Cream or half and half bring out its nutty flavor even more.

The coffee itself is from Wiwili in Nicaragua, from a small farmer cooperative that we have worked with for the past three years. This fruity, smooth, light bodied coffee marries well with our natural hazelnut flavoring.


Song Bird Panama
Medium coffee
Regular, Fruity, Delicate, Floral, Subtle, Clean 

This Panama Coffee is from a private estate known as the Hartman Estate. Its coffee came in 3rd in the 2001 Panama National Competition. The Hartmans are very habitat conscious and are avid birders. Supporting them supports the objectives of the American Birding Association and the goal of making great coffee from Panama commonly known. It is grown in the winter habitat of the Magnolia Warbler, which is featured on the label.

This coffee is low in acidity and soft and smooth on the palate. Making it a perfect coffee for those who drink more than 3-4 cups during the day.



Song Bird French Roast
Strong coffee
Regular, Intense, Toasty, Caramel, French Roast

French Roast is created by carbonizing the sugars at high temperatures, sort of akin to toasting a marshmallow to black and crisp. The flavors, if done right, are not burnt-like, but closer to the taste of burnt caramel, or browned sugar.

This is an organic Mexican coffee from a cooperative in the village of Pluma Hidalgo in Oaxaca, Mexico. The village is located high up on a narrow plateau that points toward the Pacific Ocean, 22 miles to the west. It is high grown Altura selected from among the best we could find. It is roasted dark enough to be intense without being overbearing. The tall graceful shade trees hold back the sun creating a lively community of insects and birds. Flycatchers and several species of Warblers are among the migratory guests. Now fair traded!


Song Bird Decaf -SWP Organic
Medium coffee
Swiss Water Process™, Heavy Body, Chocolaty, Toasty, Complex Blend

This Decaf is a “double blend.” It is a blend of coffees from New Guinea, Timor, and Sumatra and it is a blend of these coffees roasted dark (40%) and light (60%). This gives us a coffee that has the sweetness and heavy body of light roasts and the intensity and toasty burnt caramel notes of dark roasts.

The coffees are all from the South Pacific Islands which produce very heavy bodied coffees, which retain their character well through the rough treatment of the decaffeinating process.

If you enjoy great coffee flavor, you will not be disappointed here. In fact, you will not believe this coffee is decaffeinated at all! Help save songbird habitats and cut down on your caffeine intake at the same time! Certified organic.

Coffee Order Mail-In Form

On-Line Order Form



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