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2005 Recorder's Reports

You can email reports to Paul Ribitzki

November 14, 2004 - February 14, 2005

  Recorder:  Amy Lambert                                                         Mail:  12006 E. 80th Street North                                                                  Owasso, OK  74055

  Amy Lambert 272-4794 or Pat Seibert 747-4202


           Species                          Date           Count     Location                  Observer

    R    Red-throated Loon                  05-Jan-05           1     Lake Yahola                             C.Cox

    R    Western Grebe                       01-Jan-05           1     Lake Yahola                             J.P.Valentik

          Cackling Goose                      16-Jan-05           3     Mohawk Park Golf Course           B. Carrell/T. Mitchell

          Cackling Goose                      07-Feb-05         12     Feyodi Park, Pawnee Cty             P.Ribitzki

    O    Green Heron                        12-Nov-04           1     Oxley Nature Center                   B.Carrell

    R    Surf Scoter                            09-Jan-05           1     Salt Creek Cove                         B. Carrell/T. Mitchell

    R    Long-tailed Duck                    21-Dec-04           2     Skiatook Sewage Pond                 J.Loyd,Et.Al.

    R    Long-tailed Duck                     01-Jan-05           1     Lake Yahola                             J.P.Valentik

    R    Long-tailed Duck                     02-Jan-05           1     Lake Yahola                             F.Sanford

          Prairie Falcon                        26-Dec-04           1     136th St N                               B.Carrell

          Prairie Falcon                         15-Jan-05           1     North Tulsa County                   B.Carrell

    O    Lesser Yellowlegs                    09-Jan-05           4     Residence, Tulsa                        T.Mitchell

    R    Lesser Black-backed Gull           19-Jan-05           1     Lake Yahola                             Peterson

          Glaucous Gull                       26-Dec-04           1     Lake Yahola                             B. Carrell/T. Mitchell

    R    Eurasian Collared-Dove             14-Jan-05           2     36th St N & Harvard                   T.Mitchell

          Eastern Screech-Owl               23-Dec-04           1     Res Lake Keystone                     P.Ribitzki

          Short-eared Owl                    18-Nov-04           2     186th St N & Memorial               J.Loyd/P.Seibert

    O    Common Nighthawk               06-Dec-04           1     Woodward Park                         J.Cox

    O    Blue-headed Vireo                  06-Nov-04           1     Oxley Nature Center                   B.Carrell

          Hermit Thrush                      21-Dec-04           1     Skiatook Sewage Pond                 J.Loyd,Et.Al.

          Hermit Thrush                       08-Jan-05           3     Oxley North Woods                    B. Carrell/T. Mitchell

    O    Wood Thrush                       19-Nov-04           1     Oxley Nature Center                   B. Carrell/T. Mitchell

    R    Pine Warbler                          09-Jan-05           1     Keystone Area                          B. Carrell/T. Mitchell

    R    Palm Warbler                        02-Oct-04           2     Oxley Nature Center                   B.Carrell

    O    Black-and-white Warbler           16-Oct-04           1     Oxley Nature Center                   B.Carrell

    O    Fox Sparrow                         16-Oct-04           1     Oxley Nature Center                   B.Carrell

          Lapland Longspur                   29-Jan-05           2     North Tulsa County                   B.Carrell

          Smith's Longspur                    31-Jan-05           1     Lynn Lane Reservoir                   B. Carrell/T. Mitchell

          Pine Siskin                           16-Oct-04           4     Oxley Nature Center                   B.Carrell

O = Out of Date              R = Rare

These notes do not include the Christmas Bird Count from December 2004.

12/4/04 16 Eagles were reported from the survey at the Keystone Roost, 9 adults, 7 immature.

There have been more Purple Finch reports this year than I have had in the last 5 years.

The following link will take you to the update from for information on the Canada Goose/Cackling Goose split.  The short story is in this quote from the site: "This means that the English name Cackling Goose, which has in the past been more or less restricted to the smallest subspecies (the far western B. c. minima) is now the species name for all four of the small subspecies."

Reported 12/19/2005

Flag            Date       Count      Location                                       County           Observer                  Normal Date Range

    White-winged Scoter

  Rare      12/6/200          4     Lynn Lane Reservoir              Tulsa           S.Metz                    Nov 5-Mar 28     

  Rare      12/10/20          4     Lynn Lane Reservoir              Tulsa           P.Ribitzki                 Nov 5-Mar 28     

    Black Scoter

  Rare      11/25/20          1     Lynn Lane Reservoir              Tulsa           J.Arterburn


    Horned Grebe

               10/19/20          7     Lake Yahola                         Tulsa           B.Carrell                 Sep 27  Apr 27   

    Great Egret

  OOD      11/20/20          7     Mohawk Park, Oxley, Lake      Tulsa           B. Carrell/T. Mitchell Mar 12-Nov 18   

  OOD      11/26/20          7     Mohawk Park, Oxley, Lake      Tulsa           B. Carrell/T. Mitchell Mar 12-Nov 18   

    Black Vulture

  Rare      12/4/200          5     Keystone Area                      Tulsa           P.Ribitzki



               11/14/20          1     Lake Yahola                         Tulsa           T.Mitchell                Aug 20-Nov 27  Mar 27-May         

    Peregrine Falcon 

  Rare      11/29/20          1     Down Town Tulsa                  Tulsa           J.Arterburn              Aug 22-Nov 1  Apr 14-May 15       

  Rare      11/30/20          1     Lake Yahola                         Tulsa           L.McRill                   Aug 22-Nov 1  Apr 14-May 15       


               10/2/200          1     Oxley Nature Center              Tulsa           B.Carrell                 Aug 15-Oct 29  Apr 9-May 20        

    American Avocet

  OOD      11/20/20          1     Mohawk Park, Oxley, Lake      Tulsa           B. Carrell/T. Mitchell Jul 14-Nov 11  Apr 4-May 12        

    Solitary Sandpiper

  OOD      10/18/20          1     Collinsville Sew Pond            Tulsa           J.Loyd,Et.Al.                Jul 6-Oct 13  Mar 27-May 15         

    Lesser Black-backed Gull

  Rare      11/25/20          1     Lake Yahola                         Tulsa           J.Arterburn


    Common Tern

  Rare      10/2/200          1     Lake Yahola                         Tulsa           B.Carrell                 Aug 18-Oct 19    

    Short-eared Owl

               11/21/20          2     North Tulsa County                Tulsa           P&V Seibert                 Oct 11-Apr 22    

    Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

               11/12/20          1     111th S & Memorial               Tulsa           P.Lowen                 Mar 27-Nov 15   

    Fish Crow

  OOD      11/15/20         10     Lake Yahola                         Tulsa           Loyd & Singletary     Feb 15-Nov 1     

    Purple Martin

  OOD      10/15/20          1     Lake Yahola                         Tulsa           B.Carrell                 Feb 25-Sep 9     

    Wilson's Warbler

  OOD      10/18/20          1     Oxley North Woods                Tulsa           B.Carrell                 Aug 23-Oct 9  Apr 17-May 27        

    Fox Sparrow

  OOD      10/18/20          1     Caney Bottoms                     Tulsa           J.Loyd,Et.Al.                        Oct 19-Apr 9      

    Swamp Sparrow

  OOD      10/7/200          4     Oxley Nature Center              Tulsa           B.Carrell                 Oct 6-May 4       

     OOD = Out of        F = First of Season                 


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