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Bald Eagle Delisting

Public Comments on Proposed
"Managed Take Permit"
Needed by Sept. 4th

Bald Eagle over Keystone
Lake, by Jack Miller

As you have heard, the Bald Eagle was recently removed from the Endangered Species List, thanks to the Endangered Species Act (which is endangered itself). Visit the USFWS Eagle Page or The National Audubon Announcement for the story behind this delisting.

Even though they have been delisted, Eagles are still protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and other laws. The Fish and Wildlife Service is now developing management plans to protect Eagles under these laws. One component is a definition of "take", and the proposed rules will allow permits for the "taking" of a nest. We feel "taking" a nest is a serious matter and can be likened with killing a bird, because it takes one out of the general population because of a failed breeding cycle. The cost of such permits is minimal, and the loss of a Bald Eagle or its nest will simply become a "cost of doing business."

Please read the USFWS News Release for more information on the proposed "managed take permit" or read the full proposed regulation published in the Federal Register on July 9th, 2007.

We understand not every single individual eagle can always be saved, and we also understand that "working cooperatively" with landowners is certainly the best policy. But unless there is regulatory enforcement backing up the cooperative work, economics and greed will inevitably win.

The USFWS is taking comments on this proposed rules through September 4th. TAS Member and Eagle Rehabber Gary Siftar has written a very thorough response, which TAS endorses fully. Please click here to read Gary's very thorough analysis of the investigation, including a chart of projected future Bald Eagle populations.

Comments from the public DO make a difference, so please do send yours.!

Comments must be received by September 4, 2007 and may be sent by mail to the Division of Migratory Bird Management, Attn: RIN 1018-AV11, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, MBSP-4107, Arlington, Virginia 22203.

Comments may also be emailed to

All comments should refer to "RIN 1018-AV11"

Comments by Gary Siftar

Please click here to read Gary's very thorough analysis of the proposed rules, including a chart of projected future Bald Eagle populations.


From the Federal Register July 9, 2007

"We believe that working cooperatively with landowners to avoid or minimize adverse impacts to bald eagles is likely to achieve more positive conservation than reliance on regulatory enforcement. In addition, we have proposed a program that would allow us to authorize limited take associated with otherwise lawful activities under BGEPA (72 FR 31141; June 5, 2007), similar to the incidental take authorizations that we have made under sections 7 and 10 of the Act."

Click here for full citation. Above emphasis added by John Kennington.




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