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Oklahoma Butterfly Watching Locations

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Listed species are included because they are either abundant at a given location
or are uncommon/rare or hard to find elsewhere.


The Nature Conservancy Pontotoc Ridge Preserve

Arogos Skipper


The Nature Conservancy Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Regal Fritillary, Arogos Skipper, Grey Copper


The Nature Conservancy J.T. Nickel Family Wildlife & Nature Preserve

Great Spangled Fritillary, Diana Fritillary


Salt Creek North Recreation Area, Keystone Lake

‘Olive’ Juniper Hairstreak, Olympia Marble


Feyodi Creek Park

Phaon Crescent, Viceroy


Oxley Nature Center/Mohawk Park

Swallowtails, Dion Skipper, Bell’s Roadside-Skipper, Falcate Orangetip


Red Bud Valley Nature Center



Gilcrease Museum Gardens


Keystone Dam Area

South bank below dam – Large Western Soapberry tree next to ORV area entrance

Soapberry Hairstreak

North bank below dam – Thistle patches along road ˝ mi. east of Corps office

Gulf Fritillary, Monarch, Queen


Osage RR Trail - wetlands ˝ mi. north of 86th St North

Bronze Copper, Broad-winged Skipper


Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge


Lake Eufaula State Park

Butterfly garden near park office – Byssus Skipper


Red Rock Canyon State Park

East side of canyon along rim trail – Giant Yucca Skipper


Lake Murray State Park

Gardens near Tucker Tower – Great Purple Hairstreak


Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

Soapberry Hairstreak


ODWC Wildlife Management Areas



Please remember that collecting is not allowed on Nature Conservancy Preserves, City of Tulsa Parks, Tulsa County Parks, Oklahoma State Parks, or National Wildlife Refuges.





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