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Minutes of the 2009 Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

January 6, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Pres. John Kennington and the old minutes were approved.

Mary Jackson did not have the Treasurer’s Report but will provide it by the next meeting on Feb. 3, 2009.  She was given a few receipts from John Kennington for expenses related to the Lek-Trek festival and the Eagle Watch ion Jan 3.

Bird Seed Update- To date, the profit from the sale is $433.00.  John has a few products left to sell.

Old Business

Eagle Days- John’s informal head count was over 300 attendees to the event held Jan. 3 at Keystone Dam.  Some viewers were seen near the Brush Creek campgrounds restroom area and it was decided that John Fisher, Dave Edwards and Carol Eames would work together to provide better signage to direct the folks to the Watchable Wildlife area further east of the restrooms.  We will use the Garden Tour signs, modified for this event.  We may purchase more, larger signs for next year’s eagle event.  We think we should invite Kelly Bostian and Matt Gleason to dinner before February’s meeting to build a good relationship with these Tulsa World reporters.  They both wrote good stories that resulted in good attendance to the Eagle Day and the Bird Count.  We will need their help on the Garden Tour.


TAS Display-We still need to update the display board and Laurie Ribitzki said she is working on that.  She hopes to be finished by Jan 31.

Oxley Habitat Day-John thinks it was a good success with an entire Girls Scout troop in attendance.  A lot of wisteria vines were eradicated and lunch was served.  Laurie Ribitzki turned in the grocery receipt to John for the Friends of Oxley to reimburse us.

Bluebird Trail-Eddie Reese, Veda Beck (bluebird Club President) and possibly Gail Storey will be meeting at Oxley this week to survey the area for the bluebird trail.  We will be serving lunch at the event and John thinks The Friends of Oxley will pay for it. 

April Sustainability Event-We agreed that it will be hard to fit this in the April schedule as the Lek-Trek occurs in April.  As an alternate event, John will be contacting the4 Broken Arrow Ray Harrell Nature Center to see if they need any help.

LPC festival/fence marking-The Safari Club wants to donate $2000 towards the purchase of marking material.  There was a discussion about the ethics of accepting the money.  John has wrestled with this decision and will present the offer to the Oklahoma Audubon Council meeting on Sat. Jan. 10.  The Board members are encouraged to attend.

Garden Tour-Carol Eames is working on gathering names of homeowners for the tour.

Sponsorships for Young Birders-John suggested sponsoring summer camp trips for budding birders.  John Fisher suggested the sponsorships be given to the Lek-Trek festival and that was agreed upon unanimously.  Then it was determined that it should be of $350.00 value to pay for a youngster and chaperone/parent’s 2 day hotel stay in Woodward and entry into various events/seminars.  Two sponsorships will be given to youngsters 12-18 years of age.  Applicants will submit a letter telling why they would like to attend and why they enjoy nature.  A motion was made and seconded to approve it.  We will begin immediately to announce this to the public through the website, e-mails, word of mouth.

Birding Calling Cards-John received the order of 2000 and began to pass them out to us and interested parties.  Some people have donated money for the cards which should offset the cost of printing. John will distribute some at OAC meeting Saturday Jan. 10.

River Parks Advisory Council-No activity on this.  We still need a representative.

Centennial Gardens-Jim Mitchell is working on a bird list for them.

Fred Pianalto Bench update-Nothing new to report.  Plaque to be installed per City of Tulsa,bench thought to be discarded.

NAS Membership System-Cyndie Browning is aware (for newsletter).  John will try to print out for reference copy.  Carol Eames asked that Cyndie sort mail list by zip code for ease in mailing.

Tulsa Chamber Calendar-John said he wants to contact them.

New Business

Shady Point Coal Plant-Article in the paper-John will be playing a documentary film during pre-meeting in Feb describing effects of coal fired plants.

Eagle Reward-The Tulsa Zoo, the Okla Dept of Wildlife, Tulsa Audubon and the federal government are gathering money for a reward to find the person or persons who shot an eagle this week.  We all agreed to donate $500 toward this reward.  Other groups are also donating $500.

Triplehorns in Oklahoma-John made contact with past TAS president Don-More to follow.

Rennings accident-When the Jan. meeting was canceled due to ice and the Tulsa Garden Center being closed, the Rennings were involved in a car accident. John was apologetic but we didn’t offer to pay for their accident (if that was what they wanted).

Central Park condos-They want to cut down the large trees which may be the roost of the Purple Martins and/or Starlings because of bird poo on the cars.  He suggested bird abatement measures to them.  We may follow up on this.

Okla.Audubon Council-See Safari Club donation above.  LPC festival-The Bird Chick has a Facebook page for the festival.  John has first registration from California.

Other Items-Martin Brown said a Biology teacher in Jenks had to cancel his Ornithology class due to budget cuts.  Laurie Ribitzki offered to help with grant info.

Paul Ribitzki explained the problems with having a TAS E-bird account.

Laurie Ribitzki

Acting Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

February 3, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President John Kennington. Members present were

Gary Sifter, Paul Ribitzki, Lauri Ribitzki, Jim Mitchell, Gail Storey, Carol Eames and John Fisher.  Martin Brown was also in attendance.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s report for November was previously e-mailed to Board members.  It was reported that the balance of the $7,000 of the Toyota Together Green contribution is expected to be received in April.  Tulsa Audubon has spent $2,361 on Together Green projects through January, 2009.

Together Green Activities:

1.      Oxley Bluebird Day Results:  Several groups partnered with Tulsa Audubon to install bluebird houses and eliminate invasive plant species with a total of 105 volunteers participating.  Martin Brown will prepare a thank you letter to Todd Humphrey of Jenks High School for scheduling his class’s participation.  A report will be given at the next TAS general meeting on the excellent results of the event.

2.      The next Together Green event will be held at Redbud Valley Nature Preserve on February 28 to work on habitat improvement by removal of encroaching trees and brush.

3.      A motion was made and seconded to apply for another Together Green grant for the coming fiscal year.  The motion was approved.

Old Business:

1.  Eagle Brochure:   John Kennington reported that the original printing of the brochure was unsatisfactory and is currently being reprinted

2.      Eagle Reward:  The TAS commitment of $500 to the Eagle Reward Fund will be reported on the Treasurer’s Report starting with the January, 2009 report.

3.      LPC Festival Scholarship:  A announcement regarding the amount and requirements for receiving a Scholarship was reviewed by the Board.  The announcement will be included in published information regarding the Festival.

4.      Bird Calling Cards:  Contribution of $36 dollars have been received to date to offset the cost of printing the cards.

5.      Centennial Garden Requests:  A request from Centennial Garden personnel for TAS members to schedule and lead birding walks at the Garden during the spring was discussed.  It was decided that TAS currently has too many planned projects during this time period to commit to additional activities.  A suggestion will be made to the Centennial Garden that TAS can possibly plan to lead walks during the coming fall.

New Business:

1.      Nominating Committee:  John Fisher and Jim Mitchell were appointed nominating committee members.  They will offer nominees at the March General Meeting to serve as TAS Officers and Board Members for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

2.      Meeting Location:  John Kennington reported that Tulsa County Libraries are strictly enforcing a closing time of 9:00 pm.  This will cause a potential problem with the last two meetings of the year currently scheduled at the Hardesty Regional Library.  John will check with the Garden Center too see if a meeting room is now available for these two meetings.

3.      Newsletter Editor:  A new editor will be needed for the TAS newsletter for the coming year.  A request for a volunteer to fill this position will be published in the next newsletter.

4.      Speaker Honorarium:  A motion was made and seconded to pay Steve Owens an honorarium of $100 for speaking at the February general meeting.  The motion was approved.

5.      Photo Contest:  An inquiry was received from an instructor at Greely Elementary School about TAS sponsoring a photo contest for a fifth grade photo club.  A motion was made and seconded to sponsor a photo contest for the Greely Elementary School fifth grade photo club with $100 to be awarded as prize money.  The motion was approved.  The submitted photos will be shown at the May general meeting and will be judged by the guest speaker.  Gail Storey will contact the instructor and provide him with the appropriate information.

6.      TAS publications will provide information in its publications regarding the upcoming Great Backyard Count with noted emphasis sightings Rusty Blackbirds.

Jim Mitchell

Acting Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

March 3, 2009

The meeting of the TAS Board of Directors was called to order by President John Kennington. Members present: Mary Jackson, John Fisher, Gail Storey, Gary Sifter, Carol Eames, Jim Mitchell, Anita Mitchell, Lauri Ribitzki and Paul Ribitzki. Martin Brown was also in attendance.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business:

l. Nominating Committee: The new Board nominees presented by the nominating committee are: Bob Germany, Kathy Tam, and Martin Brown. A vote on these nominees will be taken during the April general meeting.

2. Meeting Location: The April and May meetings will be held in the downstairs room of the Garden center, instead of the library.

3. Together Green: (A). The cost of the lunch materials for the program at Oxley will be reimbursed by Oxley. (B) The new TAS display board is in the process of completion. (C) Redbud Valley: Results reviewed. (D) The April Sustainability Event is cancelled. It may be replaced by an event at the Ray Harold Nature Center. (E) LPC Festival – Progressing (F) The Garden Tour committee is still looking for a fifth garden. It was suggested that Educational material from Audubon be made available to tour attendees.

4. LPC Festival Scholarship: The two scholarship recipients of the $350. scholarship to attend the LPC Festival has been notified.

5. Shady Point Coal Plant: Project cancelled.

6. Oxley Nature Center: Grand Opening is scheduled for May 9.

New Business: l. Student Photo Contest: Audubon has agreed to provide prizes for the contest at Greely Elementary.

2. Girl Scouts – A motion was made and seconded to purchase 100 hundred eagle pins. Some of these pins will be presented to the Girl Scouts that participated in the Together Green Events. Motion carried.

3. Woodcock Watch/Weiner Roast in 2010: To be included in the 2010 calendar.

4. TAS 75th Anniversary Event – Ideas needed to celebrate this event in 2010.


Tote Bags: A motion was made and seconded to purchase l00 tote bags with logo to give to each participant attending the LPC Festival. Motion approved.

Next Board Meeting: April 8.

Anita Mitchell Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

April 8, 2009

The meeting of the TAS Board of Directors was called to order by President John Kennington. Members present: Mary Jackson, John Fisher, Gail Storey, Carol Eames, and Jim Mitchell. Also in attendance were Martin Brown, Kathy Tam, Bob Germany, Sharon Kennington and Aline Eiland.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report updated through April 5, 2009 was discussed. A financial analysis of actual and estimated income and expenses for the LPC Festival was also reviewed.

Old Business:

1. Together Green: One activity is yet to be finalized. An event at the Ray Harral Nature Park in Bixby is still being considered.

2. Student Photo Contest: The Administration at Greely Elementary has requested that a representative from TAS present awards to the students participating in the photo contest at a school awards assembly. Gail Storey will contact school officials to arrange the presentation.

3. Backyard Habitat Tour: Raising the entrance fee to the Tour was discussed but the consensus was to leave the fee at five dollars for the current year. Several alternatives for attracting young adults and children were considered and the following were planned for the event:

A. Exhibit of bees: Carol Eames to arrange.

B. Exhibit of insects from OSU: John Kennington to arrange.

C. Oklahoma wildlife display from ODWC: Aline Eiland to arrange.

D. Demonstration from Water Garden Club: Aline Eiland to arrange.

E. Free plant gift for kids: Kathy Tam to contact Girl Scout troop for preparation of gift.

F. Door prizes: Mary Jackson will contact Wild Birds Unlimited, John Kennington will arrange for magnifying glasses and Carol Eames will arrange for Martin house.

Gail Storey will acquire the necessary special event sales tax documents for vendors who will be selling items at the Tour. Postal cards to announce the Tour will be prepared just prior to the start of the next General Meeting.

The next meeting of the Board will be held May 5, 2009.

Jim Mitchell

Acting Secretary.

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

June 2, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President John Kennington.  Members present included Paul Ribitzki, Mary Jackson, Anita Mitchell, Jay Pruett, Jim Mitchell, and visitors Carol Eames and John Fisher.

There were no minutes from the last meeting.

Treasurer:  The Treasurers report was approved.

A motion was made and seconded to use Together Green money to cover reasonable expenses incurred during the Garden Tour.  Motion carried.

A motion was made and seconded to provide food for the year end picnic for all Together Green Volunteers and money from Together Green will be used for this project.  Motion carried.

A motion was made and seconded to set aside any remaining Together Green money for next years Prairie Chicken Festival.  Motion carried.

Old Business:

Garden Tour:  It was reported that approximately 621 tickets were sold for the tour this year, with approximately 675 attendees.  Next years tour dates will be May 22, and 23, 2010.

TAS 75th Anniversary event 2010.  Suggestions needed by next meeting.

Together Green:  All events completed and reports submitted.  Funds have been received for next year’s events.  Projects to be announced at a later date.

LPC Festival Scholarships:  Cameron Cross submitted an essay about his experience.  Attached.

Audubon Adventures:  Carol will contact an interested teacher about the program

Student Photo Contest:  The contest was a great success and winners were presented with prizes at the May Monthly Audubon Meeting.

Fred Pianalto Bench:  Parks department will be contacted again for an update.

New Business: 

Programs and Field Trips:  John Fisher and Gayle Storey will set up meetings to decide what programs and field trips will be on next years schedule.  A Woodcock Watch and Weiner Roast will be on the schedule for next year.

Purple Martin Festival:  Tabled until August.


A motion was made and seconded to purchase a large photo frame for display use at TAS events.  Motion carried.

Next Board Meeting:  Thursday July 9, 2009

Anita Mitchell


Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

July 9, 2009

The meeting of the Tulsa Audubon Society Board was call to order by President John Kennington.  Members present: Anita Mitchell, Mary Jackson, Jim Mitchell, John Fisher, Martin Brown, and Gail Storey.  Guests present:  Carol Eames, and John Fisher.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as corrected.

Treasurers Report:  Report was approved.  The Budget for 2009-10 was discussed.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the corrected budget.  Motion carried.

Old Business: 

Together Green:  The final report on the Together Green projects and money spent on Volunteer Days was sent to National.

Digital Frame:  A motion was made and seconded to annul the motion made during the June meeting to purchase a Digital Picture Frame.  Motion carried.

New Business:

DVD Player:  A motion was made and seconded to purchase a portable DVD player from Audubon general funds. This is to replace the Digital frame purchase.  Motion carried.

Portable Display:  A motion was made and seconded to purchase a 10 foot curved pop-up display package from Ace Exhibit at a cost of approximately $800. Together Green funds to be used.  Discussion followed and motion carried. (Papers on display attached).

Storage Unit:  After discussion, a motion was made and seconded to rent a climate controlled storage unit at approximately $110 per month to store TAS documents, files and equipment. Location of unit not yet decided.  Motion carried.


Garden Tour:  Discussion of fees for next years Garden Tour.  No action taken.

Next Board Meeting - August 4, 2009

Submitted by:

Anita Mitchell

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

August 4, 2009

The Tulsa Audubon Society Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President John Kennington.  Members present were: Gail Storey, Mary Jackson, Martin Brown, Gary Sifter, Anita Mitchell, Jim Mitchell and Kathy Tam.

Minutes:  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion carried.

Treasurer:  The treasurer’s report was approved.  A motion was made and seconded to allow Mary Jackson, Audubon treasurer, to be signatory on the checking account, located at Bank of America.  Motion approved.

Old Business: 

Storage Facility – A storage unit has been rented at 13455 S. Memorial Drive, Bixby, Oklahoma for $ll0 per month.  Volunteers will meet on August 22 to move material from various locations into the rental unit.

A motion was made and seconded to purchase shelving units for this facility. The dollar amount not to exceed $200. Motion carried.

Programs and Field Trips:

Gail Storey reported on the committees for the meeting programs and field trips which met on July l6 and July 23, 2009 respectively. The field trips are completed.  The Program committee is still working to procure programs for the upcoming year.  It was suggested the field trip and program committee meetings be scheduled in the calendar of events not later than May of each year.  Cyndi Browning will assume responsibility for the field trips for the remainder of 2009-10.

Old Business:

TAS 75th Anniversary Events – Discussion followed, with several different ideas presented for the event.

New Business:

Oklahoma Audubon Council:  The council received $20,000 Together Green funds for the IBA Project and Prairie Chicken Preservation.  A council meeting will be scheduled in the near future to discuss allocation and use of funds.

Chapter Territory:  The Bartlesville chapter has been dissolved. Discussion followed on bringing the group into the Tulsa chapter.

Next Board Meeting – Tuesday, September 1, 2009.

Anita Mitchell


Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

September 1, 2009

The Tulsa Audubon Society Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President John Kennington. Members present were: Mary Jackson, Martin Brown, Gail Storey, Jim Mitchell and Anita Mitchell.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurers Report: A motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

Old Business:

1. Programs: The 2009-2010 programs and field trip schedule is complete. Afternoon outings will be added. Also being added is the date May 11 for the program committee meeting and May 19, for the field trip committee meeting.

2. Together Green possible projects:

l. Ray Harral Nature Center – needs volunteers and native plantings, Bluebird boxes may also be needed. Tentative date is Sunday, October 4.

2. Deep Fork NWR- Will be contacted about a project, possibly during the NWR week – Oct 12-18.

3. Purple Martin Festival, 2010.

4. Oxley – Habitat Improvement.

5. Oxley- Maintenance and repair day.

6. Fence Marking – Lesser Prairie Chickens. The OAS will sponsor several weekends to mark the fences.

New Business:

1. TAS Anniversary Party – Discussion on trying to arrange for Ken Kaufman to attend the TAS Anniversary party. He will be contacted.

2. After discussion a motion was made and seconded for Martin Brown to attend a professional development seminar at the Fish and Wildlife Training Center, for three days. TAS will provide funding in the amount not to exceed $215. Motion carried.

3. Annual Plan – The Annual TAS Plan was reviewed. Discussion followed. A motion was made and seconded to amend the annual plan. Motion carried.

4. Other:

1. Eagle Property – Questions about the deed for the Eagle property were Discussed. The whereabouts of the deed is in question. The records need to be searched and the original deed found.

Next Board Meeting – October 6, 2009

Anita Mitchell


Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

October 6, 2009

The Tulsa Audubon Society Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President

John Kennington.  Members present were: Mary Jackson, Martin Brown, Gail Storey, Gary Siftar, Jay Pruett and Jim Mitchell. 

Minutes:  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. 

Treasurers Report: After comments by the Treasurer, a motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried. 

Old Business: 

1.  Together Green: 

      A.  Deep Fork NWR Habitat Improvement:  Gail Storey reported the Manger at Deep Fork indicated a “big set” will not be held.  The project is schedule for October 17 and improvement activities have been determined.  Various groups have been lined-up to assist in the activities.

             B.  John Kennington indicated nothing has been arranged yet for new Together Green items that would be given to volunteers. 

      C.  Ordering of the portable display unit is still pending. 

      D.  Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival:  Oklahoma Agritourism Department will not be providing funds for the 2010 Festival.  The Woodward Chamber of Commerce will be contacted to see if they will provide funds for advertising. 

2.  TAS 75th Anniversary: 

      1.  A committee will be appointed to arrange activities in recognition of the Anniversary.  Various potential sources for a well recognized speaker to headline Anniversary activities were discussed including contacting National Audubon Office. 

New Business: 

1.  OSU Birding Class: 

      A.  John Kennington was contacted by an OSU representative to assess TAS interest in conducting a birding class in conjunction with Oxley Nature Center.  John will get additional information regarding the time of classes, number of classes and a general idea of expected TAS input into the class. 

      B.  The next Oklahoma Audubon Council is scheduled for January 16, 2010. 

      C.  The Board worked on and completed the Annual Report to National Audubon.  

The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 3, 2009. 

Jim Mitchell

Acting Secretary 

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

November 3, 2009

The Tulsa Audubon Board of Directors meeting was called to order my President John Kennington.  Members present were:  Kathy Tam, Gary Sifter, Martin Brown, Mary Jackson, Jim Mitchell, Gail Storey, Bob Germany, Jay Pruett, Paul Ribitzki, and Anita Mitchell.


Minutes:  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as corrected. Motion carried.


Treasurers Report: After review a motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurers report.  Motion carried.


Old Business:


1.  National Audubon has been contacted to employ Eric Beck. A job description has been forwarded to National.  Collaborative funding will come from State and National Audubon. Additional funding will come from the Oklahoma Audubon. Eric will continue to do work on the Lesser Prairie Chicken. 


New Business:


1. National Funding to each state was discussed. Money may possibly go for the IBA project.  Other areas identified and sent to National Audubon include:  The Tallgrass Prairie, Salt Plains, Selmon Ranch, and Wichita Mt. Wildlife area. Work continues on the Red Slough and it has been nominated for Global IBA.


2. Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival:  Plans are underway.  A conference call was held with interested parties for ideas and planning.  The City of Woodward Tourism and Convention Bureau is contributing $5,000 for advertising.  Several wildlife magazines have been contacted and ads will be submitted for the Festival that will be held April 17,18,19,2010. 




Together Green Projects:


1.  Deep Fork Project had to cancelled due to weather.  Will be rescheduled.


2.  Ray Harrell – Project scheduled for Sunday, November 7 at 1:00.


3.  Oxley – Scheduled for December 12.  .


4.  Anniversary Event – Discussed. An e-mail will be sent to members requesting volunteers and ideas.


Storage Building:  Audubon items need to be moved to the storage unit.  A work day is planned.


Birding Class:  The OSU Community Learning for Seniors inquired if TAS would be interested in working with Oxley Nature Center in conducting classes.  John Kennington will request more information from OSU.


Next Meeting is December 1, 2009.




Anita Mitchell

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

December 1 2009

The Tulsa Audubon Board of Directors meeting was called to order my President John Kennington.  Members present were:  Kathy Tam, Gary Sifter, Martin Brown, Mary Jackson, Bob Germany and Jim Mitchell. 

Minutes of the prior meeting: 

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as corrected. Motion carried. 

Oklahoma Audubon Council 

1.  John Kennington provided an update on the progress of Eric Beck becoming an employee of National Audubon.  A job description for Eric has been provided to National Audubon.  National is currently conducting a mandatory background check on Eric. 

2.  Advertisement for the Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival has been placed in various birding publications.  Invoices for the advertisements are being sent directly to the Woodward Tourism Department which has agreed to pay for the advertisement.  Also, Professor Bill Caire and wife have agreed to lead some of the group activities during the Festival.  On of their sessions will be conducted at the Selmon Living Lab including entry into one of the caves on the Selmon property.

Old Business 

1.  Together Green: 

A.  The portable display to be purchased with 2008/2009 funds has not yet been ordered. 

B.  Proposed 2009/2010 projects:

      a. Ray Harral Nature Center habitat improvement completed.

      b. Possible Pawhuska yet to be determined as viable.

      c. Deep Fork NWR project date has not been established.

      d. Oxley Nature Center habitat improvement scheduled for Dec. 12.

      e. Oxley Nature Center blue bird trail construction scheduled for Feb. 6.

      f. Fence marking for Lesser Prairie Chicken scheduled for Apr. 18.

      g. Ray Harral Nature Center landscape planting scheduled for May 2.

      h. Backyard Habitat Tour scheduled for Apr. 22 & 23.

      i. Purple Martin Festival scheduled for Aug. 15. 

C.  TAS 75th Anniversary event – no update. 

D.  TAS materials have been consolidated into the newly rented storage facility. 

E.  Contributions have been received for use in starting Audubon Adventures.  Actions need to be taken to implement the Audubon Adventures program.  This will be a topic for future consideration. 

F.   A Centennial Gardens representative has informed John Kennington that a consultant has been hired to develop birding information for the Gardens.  TAS will not longer be active in developing this information. 

G.  Fred Pianalto Bench – no update. 

H.  TAS chapter territory has been expanded to include the former Bartlesville chapter. 

I.  Birding class in conjunction with OSU – no update. 

New Business 

A.  The 2010 Eagle Watch will be held on Jan. 2 and 10.  Dave Edwards will again be organizing the event and Gary Sifter will be setting up an eagle display.  A watch day for a biology class from Jenks School may be held on a day other than those already scheduled. 

B.  The current TAS Post Office box has inadvertently been closed but will be renewed for a single year.  It was recommended that at the end of the year a new, more convenient mail box location be rented.  A motion was made, and seconded, to proceed in renting a mail box at a new location with a maximum $100 annual cost.  

C.  A request has been made for TSA to assist in organizing a Birding Venture Crew in association with the Boy Scouts of America.  This would be a co-ed, high school level unit of the BSA.  A volunteer has already committed to lead the Crew.  John Kennington will talk with the local BSA office concerning TAS involvement in organizing the Crew. 

Treasurer’s Report: 

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed by Mary Jackson.  An expiring CD will be renewed at 1.75% with Stillwater National Bank.  A reduced amount will be reinvested in the CD so funds will be available to cover up-front expenditures for the Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried. 

Jim Mitchell

Acting Secretary 




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