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Minutes of the 2007 Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

February 6, 2007

The meeting was called to order by President John Kennington, 7:00pm, as the Zarrow Library. Those in attendance were: Anita Mitchell, Carol Eames, Jim Mitchell, Gary Sifter, Mary Jackson, Martin Brown, Gail Storey, John Fisher and guest Laurie Ribitzki.

The minutes of the precious meeting were approved.

Treasurers Report: No report. Mary reported that the bill for bird seed was $1,761.05. The vote for the fiscal year change was voted upon and approved at the December general meeting. The current year will extend to August 31.

Old Business:

Channels: No change

Oxley Project: Meeting was held and plans are to start planting the smallest area (outside the library) in the spring.

South Tulsa Nature Center: No update

Oklahoma Audubon Council: Next meeting will be February 24, 2007 in the Natural History Museum in Norman.

Hospitality Meet and Greet:

February – John Fisher March – Carol Eames April – Anita Mitchell May – Gary Sifter

Audubon Adventures: No update – Need sample of materials.

Eagle Days: Reported good attendance for both days.

New Member Ideas: Laurie reported that condensed Audubon flyers have been taken to the Bass Pro Shop and are being displayed on the counter near the binoculars. She is still working with TravelOK.Org. to included information on their web site, but is running into difficulty due to poor organization at the web site. She will also be sending information and a brief version of TAS to Travel OK (OK Tourism Board) to be mailed to individuals requesting birding information. TAS will be responsible for the postage on this material. Information on local activities is also being added to local TV stations web sites.

Wild Birds Unlimited has closed and the unsold framed print has been returned. Two prints were sold for $100.

It was mentioned that we might check into having an area at the Nature Works Show for information on Tulsa Audubon Society, next year.

Backyard Bird Count: February 16-19, 2007.

Boy Scouts: No response from Boy Scouts about having a merit badge fair. We will still pursue this idea, although, it was mentioned that a Scout Venturing program might be better than the merit badge fair. Venturing is a loosely organized group based around an interest. Further information will be gathered to see if we want to sponsor a venturing group interested in bird studies.

Garden Tour: Carol reported that a committee has stated organizing the 2007 event. A list of 60 possible homes is being reviewed and work is ongoing to determine which people to contact about their homes being on the garden tour. A letter will be sent to each person to determine interest in participating. The tour will be July 9-10. Four nurseries have already committed to the show. Advertising needs to be more creative to draw a larger participation this year. Possibly TV as well as paper. Discussion followed to possibly have photos of the gardens on the TAS web site.

Nominating Committee: A nomination committee was appointed. Three directors are needed for the upcoming year. Those on the committee are: Jim Mitchell, chairman Anita Mitchell and Mary Jackson. The question – are the same directors still in charge of committees? Discussion followed. Something about committee chairs and reports on the meetings can be included in the newsletter. Check on volunteers for committees at the next meeting.

Next Board meeting April 3, 2007

Anita Mitchell TAS Sectary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

April 3, 2007

The meeting was called to order in due form by President John Kennington, 7:00 p.m. at the Zarrow Library.  Board members and other officers attending were Amy Lambert, John Fisher, Gayle Storey, Anita Mitchell, Jim Mitchell, Gary Sifter, and Mary Jackson.  Also present were Paul Ribitzki and Laurie Ribitzki..

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as corrected.

A Presentation was given by Don Atwood of the Boy Scouts of America on the Venturing Program.  Don explained how the Venturing program works and the responsibility of a sponsoring organization.  There is no cost to a sponsoring and liability insurance coverage is provided under a BSA policy. As a sponsor organization, TSA would (with BSA) develop a Venturing program, including plans to attract participants.  It was stated that TSA would need volunteers to act as Charter representatives and to participate in outings and project activities.  General membership and board members will need further discussion before making a decision about this project.

Also, discussed with Don Atwood was the possibility of participating in a Merit Badge Fair. The next fairs will be in October, November and March of next year.  Further discussion is needed.

Treasurers Report:  A motion was made and second to allow Treasurer to use own judgment on determining best alternative for CD rollover, due this month.

EDS Donation:  A $1,000.00 donation from Electric Data Systems, awarded to President

John Kennington, for volunteer hours worked is a welcome addition to the Audubon Treasury.  Thanks John.

Old Business:

A.     The Channels – No update

B.     Oxley Projects – No update

C.     South Tulsa Nature Center – No update

D.     Oklahoma Audubon Council – No update

E.      Hospitality/meet and greet  committee

               May – Gary Shifter

F.      Audubon Adventures – Still need samples of program material.

New Business:

Garden Tour – Carol reported that five backyards have been selected and that it is time to get publicity started, as we are only eight weeks from the show.  Vendors have committed to participate in the tour and work has begun on flyers to publicizing the tour.  Laurie has several ideas about advertising and will post the tour on several web sites, including TV and radio.

Discussion was held on several ideas for next year’s tour, including moving the tour back a week to the first weekend in June.  The possibility of using door prizes, issuing complimentary tickets and having advance ticket sales was also discussed.

Review of Recorder’s Duties – The prospect of the Recorder using the E-bird data base for recording reported sightings and the associated problems with this program, such as how to use existing data base for input into E-bird program, was discussed.  Duplicate  bird sightings reported by members was also noted as a problem.  The importance of continuing the quality of the existing data base was recognized as a primary concern.  It was also noted that information to the Recorder has been decreasing for the past few years. 

Other items – The need for developing a new bird checklist for Tulsa County was discussed including the possibility of posting it on the TSA web site which would allow it to be printed by anyone visiting the site

Next Board Meeting  June 5, 2007

Anita Mitchell
Secretary  TAS

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

June 5, 2007

The meeting was called to order by President John Kennington. Those members present were, Lauri Ribitzki, Paul Ribitzki, Jim Mitchell, Gail Storey, Carol Eames, John Fisher, Anita Mitchell, Mary Jackson, Gary Sifter and guest Dodie Nesbitt.

The minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report – No report. The bank statements were not received. Dodie Nesbitt asks that we remember to notify her as she pays the taxes for the eagle property. It was mentioned that the society needs to check on the 501 C 3 exemption of the property with the county assessor. Taxes may not need to be paid.

Bills: Bills were presented for $ 20. Per month for the web page. $ 50. For toner and paper.

Old Business:

  1. Channels – no new developments. However, the Arkansas River Advisory Committee is still working on a plan for the river under the Arkansas River Master Plan, (low water dams, studies and engineering).
  2. Oxley – Interior remodel has been put on hold indefinitely at this time, because of arena overruns. More information will be available after the 2025 June meeting.
  3. South Tulsa Nature Center – No update.
  4. Oklahoma Audubon Council – IBA program is progressing. The next meeting is Saturday, July 21 in Stillwater.
  5. Hospitality Meet and Greet – A new coordinator for the refreshments at each meeting is needed.
  6. Audubon Adventures – Samples for the upcoming school year are still needed. Also needed is a possible list of teachers that might be interested in this program for the classroom. Carol Eames will try to get a list started.
  7. Centennial Gardens – A two day event is scheduled for September 8 and 9, 2007. A decision about having a display at this event will be discussed at the next board meeting.
  8. Garden Tour – Everything is ready to go. A very nice article was in the Southside section of the Tulsa World. Unfortunately the whole city does not receive this section. Lauri Ribitzki has worked very hard to get publicity for this event. Several tickets were given away, thru radio and TV. Lauri has found is very hard to get proper publicity for this event.
  9. Venturing – Discussion was held on the commitment needed for this program. More interested volunteers are needed. Also, discussed was the Merit Badge Fair that is held two times a year. More help will be needed before this program can be implemented.

New Business:

  1. Committee Assignments: Field Trips – Cindy Browning Hospitality – Gail will contact Pam Edwards to see is she would like to be the coordinator. Programs – Gail Storey
  2. Projector Purchase – Jim Mitchell reported his findings on cost and quality of different projectors. A motion was made and seconded to purchase a projector with high resolution, illumination and to also to include a carry case, remote, for the amount not to exceed $ 1500.00. Motion carried. John K. will purchase the projector.
  3. National Geographic Book –A request to use a picture of the Christmas Bird Count group by the National Geographic was approved. Other items: Gary Sifter reported on the governments (Dept of Interior) need of input to determine the interpretation and rules on what constitutes a disturbance, pertaining to eagles on the nest, or in the area. A summary of the rules will follow, at a later date.

John attended a DEQ air quality meeting to discuss mercury rules. Comments did make a difference.

The Board voted to have Roger Wolfe represent the SW Audubon Region at the National Society Board Meeting. Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico make up the SW Region.

John K. attended a Shell Oil Town Hall (invitation only) Meeting to get a feed back for how Americans feel about Energy.

The next meeting of the Board will be August 7, 2007

Anita Mitchell Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

August 8, 2007

The August 8 meeting of the Tulsa Audubon Board of Directors was called to order by President John Kennington. Members in attendance were:  Jim Mitchell, Gail Storey, John Fisher, Martin Brown, Mary Jackson, Gary Sifter, Carol Eames, Paul Ribitzki, Anita Mitchell, and Lauri Ribitzki.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The proposed annual plan for 2007-2008 was presented by John Kennington and reviewed by the board.  Suggested changes were made to the plan.   A motion was made and seconded to approve the updated plan (see attached plan).

The treasurer, Mary Jackson presented the budget for 2007-2008.  Discussion followed and a motion was made and seconded to accept the corrected budget.

Old Business;

     1. Arkansas River Plan – John Kennington gave an update.  The current plan is reasonable, but not detailed.  Audubon will take no position on the upcoming funding vote.

  1. Oxley Nature Center – Some planting has been started.  The rest of the planting will be resumed after the interior renovations are complete.
  1. South Tulsa Nature Center – No update.
  1. Oklahoma Audubon Council – No update.
  1. Audubon Adventures – Carol Eames will try to find teachers who might be interested in this program, based on the school classes scheduled to visit Oxley.  Anita Mitchell will order samples of the Adventures programs.
  1. Centennial Garden Event – The event will be held September 8 & 9, 2007. TAS will have an information table at this event on September 8.
  1. Venturing Program – Will not proceed at this time.
  1. National Geographic Book – TAS has given National Geographic permission to use a picture of one of our groups birding for their book, as requested.
  1. Projector Purchase – In Progress
  1. Committee Assignments – The assignments are complete.  Pam Edwards has agreed to be the hospitality director for the upcoming year.

New Business:

1.      Birding Guide – John Kennington reviewed his project of placing birding areas in Oklahoma on the TAS web site.

2.      River Parks Advisory Council. – TAS does participate on this council.

Other Business:

John was contacted by a Boy Scout requesting an Eagle Badge Project. The board is considering approval for possible trail maintenance project on the eagle property.

Eagle Property – Trees need to be cleared in front of the bird blind.  John will contact the Corps to see if these trees can be cleared.

Garden Tour – 2008 - A motion was made and seconded to hold the 2008 Garden Tour the first weekend in June.  The date is June 7 & 8.

The next Board meeting is October 2, 2007.

Zarrow Library

Anita Mitchell, Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

October 2, 2007

The October 2 meeting of the Tulsa Audubon Board of Directors was called to order by President John Kennington. Members in attendance were: Jim Mitchell, Gail Storey, John Fisher, Martin Brown, Gary Sifter, Paul Ribitzki, and Lauri Ribitzki.

The meeting was held at the University of Tulsa McFarland Library, Satin Room. Material from the Tulsa Audubon Society and Tomer archives was presented for Board Members review by Marc Carlson, Interim Head of Special Collections. The need to compile and move TAS files and material currently held by individual Society members was discussed.

Board Minutes from the prior meeting and a Treasurer’s report were deferred until the December, 2007 meeting.

Old Business;

1. Arkansas River Plan – John Kennington provided latest information on project and major issues yet to be addressed in the Plan.

2. Oxley Nature Center Garden – No update.

3. South Tulsa Nature Center – No update.

4. Oklahoma Audubon Council – The next meeting will be held January, 2008.

5. Audubon Adventures – No Update.

6. Eagle Scout Projects – At the eagle property, needed approval has been received from the Corps of Engineers for trail preparation. For the city park project, information on bird box preparation has been given to the Scout developing this project. Currently waiting to hear from both Scouts on project status.

Other Business:

1. TAS Web Site Interactive Birding Guide – John Kennington will prepare an article describing the Guide for inclusion in the Audubon Leaders Newsletter.

2. Bird Check List – A draft of an updated checklist of birds for Tulsa County was presented by Paul Ribitzki. The list was updated with the assistance of Jo Lloyd and Jim Arteburn. Suggestions were given in regard to additional comments for inclusion on the list. In addition to adding the checklist to the TAS web site, a motion was made, seconded, and approved to print hard copies of the list.

3. Contact List – Jim Mitchell presented a draft list of individuals in Federal, State and Local government who can be contacted regarding issues of concern to TAS members. A final version of the list will be given to John Kennington for inclusion on the TAS web site and hard copies will be printed for handout at TAS meetings.

4. Sand Springs Trails – John Fisher reviewed the city of Sand Springs plans to develop walking trails along the Arkansas River and potential impact on eagles.

5. Oklahoma Travel Centers – Laurie Ribitzki gave an update on the progress of placing TAS material and information in Oklahoma Travel Center locations.

6. Iowa Eagle Aviary – Gary Sifter provided information on this facility in Perkins, Oklahoma and indicated a willingness to lead groups for visits to the aviary.

The next Board Meeting will be held December 4, 2007 at the Zarrow Library.

Jim Mitchell
Acting Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of
Tulsa Audubon Society

December 4, 2007

The December 4 meeting of the Tulsa Audubon Board of Directors was called to order by President John Kennington. Members in attendance were: Jim Mitchell, Gail Storey, John Fisher, Martin Brown, Mary Jackson, Gary Sifter, Carol Eames, Paul Ribitzki, and Lauri Ribitzki.

The minuets from the August and October, 2007 meetings were approved.

As approved by Board members at the November monthly Society meeting, Mary Jackson reported the certificate of deposit was renewed for five months with Stillwater Bank at a yield of 4.58 percent. After discussion, a motion was made and seconded giving the Treasurer authority to renew certificates of deposit at the best interest rate and terms available and subsequently providing transaction details to the Board.

John Kennington noted that bird seed sales will be lower this year than last year. Final figures from the current year sales will be available at the February meeting.

The 2006-2007 Chapter Annual Report Form was discussed and finalized by the Board Members. John Kennington will submit the completed Report to the national Audubon office.

Old Business:

1. Updated TAS Bird Check List – The check list will be ready for printing after final edit review by Paul Ribitzki. A motion was made and seconded to print one thousand copies of the check lists at a cost of approximately $197. The check list will also be incorporated in the TAS web site.

2. Audubon Adventures – Carol Eames reported that three local school teachers have indicated interest in using the Audubon Adventures program. Carol noted these teachers have previously taken students on field trips to the Oxley Nature Center. She has requested the program materials be sent directly to the teachers from the national Audubon office. TAS is paying for the cost of the material. Carol will check with the teachers to make sure the material has been received.

3. Oxley Nature Center Garden – Mary Jackson reported a check has been issued to Amy Morris at Oxley for reimbursement of purchased plants used in the TAS supported garden area.

4. South Tulsa Nature Center – No update.

5. Oklahoma Audubon Council – The next meeting of the OAC will be held on January 26 in Stillwater. February 2 is an alternative meeting date if problems develop with the January date. On a related OAC matter, Martin Brown discussed two issues regarding the Important Bird Areas program. First, a vote will be taken by the Technical Committee in the near future on designating the Salt Plains Preserve and the Selman Ranch as IBA areas. If approved, the recommendation will go to the national level for review. Second, a need has developed to organize a second IBA committee to address non-technical matters (i.e., fund raising, developing publicity/recognition for the IBA areas, etc.). This committee would particularly need to focus on establishing funding to support a full-time paid IBA program coordinator.

6. Birding Guide – No update.

7. Eagle Scout Project for Washington Irving Park – The approved contribution for this project has been provided to the Boy Scout responsible for project completion. John Kennington will request an update from the Scout.

8. Eagle Sanctuary Project – No update.

9. River Parks Advisory Council – An individual is still needed to represent TAS on the Council.

New Business:

1. Field Equipment - A discussion was held on the benefits of TAS owning binoculars and/or spotting scope for use when offering educational programs and field trip participation to individuals who may not have such equipment. Lauri Ribitzki will communicate with appropriate companies to determine if they would contribute binoculars or spotting scope to the TAS.

2. Oxley Fund Raising – A draft of a cover letter from TAS to its membership that will accompany a fund raising letter from the Oxley Nature Center was reviewed by the Board. A copy of the Oxley letter was also provided. The letters will be mailed to the membership by Oxley. The cover letter was approved without changes.

3. Oklahoma Ornithological Society – John Kennington reported he has volunteered to further develop and maintain the OOS web site (

The next Board meeting will be held February 5, 2008 at the Zarrow Library.

Jim Mitchell Acting Secretary







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