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Minutes of the 2005 Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting of Tulsa Audubon Society

February 1, 2005

Tomye Mainer, standing in for President John Kennington who was ill, called the meeting to order at her house at 7:15pm.  Also present were:  Bob Gard, Mary Jackson, Jo Loyd, and Cyndie Browning.  The minutes of the December 7th Directors' meeting were approved as written.

Bob Gard reminded us that a Nominating Committee must be formed for the nomination of officers and directors for 2005-07.  Bob said he was willing to serve on the committee, and the names of Martin Brown and Laurel Upshaw were also suggested.  TAS needs to elect a new vice president as Lynda Fritts has resigned from that office, concurrent with her retirement from Oxley Nature Center.  We also need to replace 3 directors who are at the end of their second 2-year term.

In connection with Lynda Fritts' retirement from Oxley, the Winter and Spring bird counts at Oxley were discussed.  Lynda organized the counts but no one knows whether she considers them "hers," or will Oxley employees be continuing the counts from now on?  Cyndie Browning volunteered to get in touch with Lynda and see what she says about it.

John Kennington had given Tomye Mainer several notes about matters to be discussed at the meeting.  One of those was that Colin Davy will be passing around a Least Tern sign-up sheet at the next general meeting.  Also, John Kennington has the rest of the Scissortail prints.

Bob Gard suggested that we investigate the cost of hiring an outside professional publicity person to advertise the sale of the Scissortail prints.  The idea was approved and Bob will report back to us on the cost.

There's nothing new to report on the Vision 2025 development of Mohawk Park.  Kelly Jennings posted on OKbirds that the soccer fields have been moved away from Mohawk.  A strategy meeting of the Friends of Mohawk will be held at noon on February 12 at Oxley Nature Center.

Bob Gard reported that he had attended a meeting of the committee working on the further development of the Arkansas River.  A different consulting firm has been hired by INCOG to conduct the Phase II study.  Bob reports, "so far, so good."  The plans seem to stress keeping the river as a continuous corridor for wildlife.  One part of the plans calls for building 7-8 low water dams along the river.  Bob talked to the man who's designing those dams, where in times of high water, the dams would fold down to allow silt to flow on downriver.  There's also talk of building a new Least Tern island above one of the low water dams.

Jo Loyd moved that TAS send $300 to Mia Revels for her Swainson's Warbler research at the Little River NWR in McCurtain County.  Tomye seconded the motion, and John Kennington was reached by phone so that the members formed a quorum in approving the motion.

Carol Eames and Jo Loyd have picked 6-7 houses for the June Garden Tour.  The next step is to contact the owners and arrange for a tour of their yards.

The possibility of acquiring or designing a Scissortail patch to be embroidered on golf shirts or baseball caps for sale was again discussed, but no concensus was reached on what design to use or when to do it.

The next Board of Directors' meeting will be held on April 5th at the main branch of the Tulsa Public Library.  Cyndie Browning will reserve the room and post the location to the Board via an e-mail notice of the meeting.  There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:

Cyndie Browning
TAS Secretary

Minutes of the Meeting (As Amended) of the Board of Directors of Tulsa Audubon Society
April 6, 2005

John Kennington called the meeting to order at 7:20pm in the Lecture Room (downstairs) at the downtown branch (4th and Denver) of the Tulsa Public Library.  Also present were:  John Fisher, Mary Jackson, Amy Lambert, Patty Moser, and Cyndie Browning.

Mary Jackson delivered the current Treasurer's Report and advised that the CD is due in May.  A motion was made to roll over the CD for another term, and the vote approving such a motion was delayed until the end of the meeting, so that another Board member could be reached by telephone for a quorum on the vote.  Mary also reported that she's still waiting for a corrected invoice for the bird seed from the bird seed sale before she pays it.

Cyndie Browning reported that Lynda Fritts says the Winter Bird Count "belongs" to Oxley Nature Center.  TAS is interested in continuing the count; however, we need to find out who has the data from previous years so that it isn't "lost" just because Lynda is no longer in charge of the count.  John Kennington said he would follow up with Oxley personnel about getting those records.

John Kennington reported that he'd recently heard talk about plans for building a nature center at Indian Springs in Broken Arrow, and the members present greeted that possibility with considerable enthusiasm.

The Garden Tour is now on the TAS webpage.  All 5 homes are in Owasso, and brochures about the tour are already going out in the mail.

John Kennington talked about Ron Klataske's scheduled presentation at the April meeting, entitled "Kansas Birding and Natural Heritage Trails," and suggested that TAS present him with a stipend check for $200 toward the cost of his hotel, meals, and travel expenses to Tulsa.  This matter was also put aside for a vote until the end of the meeting.

John Kennington also drew our attention to an "Audubon Leadership Workshop" at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine from August 14-20, 2005.  Cyndie Browning suggested that the idea be offered to director Martin Brown, as he might be interested in attending such a workshop and also would represent TAS admirably.  Audubon offers a matching funds scholarship to attend the workshop, and John Kennington said he would e-mail Martin to see whether he's interested in attending.  The correspondence following below is hereby incorporated in these minutes by reference.

There being no further new business to be brought before the meeting, director Tomye Mainer was telephoned and added her yea vote to (1) approval of rolling over the CD at the bank and (2) the proposed scholarship for Martin Brown to attend the Audubon Workshop in Maine.

Whereupon, the meeting was adjourned.

Cyndie Browning
TAS Secretary

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of Tulsa Audubon Society
June 7, 2005

John Kennington called the meeting to order at 7:10pm in the Lecture Room at the downtown branch (4th and Denver) of the Tulsa Public Library.  Also present were:  Carol Eames, Dave Edwards, John Fisher, Bob Gard, Mary Jackson, Amy Lambert, Jo Loyd, Tomye Mainer, Brandon Scott, Gail Storey, and Cyndie Browning.

The minutes of the April 6th Board of Directors' meeting were approved as amended.

The current Treasurer's Report was discussed at length, comparing, among other things, the amount we spent during the 2004-05 fiscal year vs. the proposed budget for 2005-06 presented by Mary Jackson.  The discussion included a question about whether or not we could modify our fiscal year, which currently runs from June 1--May 31.  If the fiscal year ran from July 1 to June 31, then funds paid out and taken in for the annual Garden Tour would occur in the same fiscal year which, at present, they do not.  John Kennington and Mary Jackson said they would check into the possibility of legally (from a tax standpoint) changing the fiscal year and report back to the Board at the August 2nd meeting.

While discussing the Program Committee portion of the proposed budget, it was suggested that a minimum stipend of $50 be offered to our program presenters, especially those who travel to the meetings from outside the Tulsa area.

Brandon Scott reported that participation in Tuesday Morning Birders is so low on some Tuesdays, that except for the Tuesdays when they know Jo Loyd is leading the trip, as few as 2 birders may show up.  Brandon said he (and the other person) enjoy their mornings out but they really learn more about birds when someone like Jo, with her extensive birding experience, is leading the outing.  Brandon suggested that it might be time to think about modifying "Tuesday Morning Birders," perhaps changing those outings to Saturday mornings, or reducing them from every week to perhaps once or twice each month.  After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to table the matter until the August 2nd meeting.

It was also decided to finalize the 2005-06 Budget at the August meeting.

The Garden Tour is ready to go this weekend, and we're hoping for a good turn-out.

Bob Gard reported for the Conservation Committee on a recent River Parks meeting and a meeting of the Arkansas River Corridor Planning Committee.  The plan(s) for the River now seem to emphasize the value of the River as a wildlife corridor, definitely a step in the right direction.

Bob also announced that he is stepping down as Chairman of the Conservation Committee, although he is interested in continuing to participate on the Arkansas River development committees that he's already on.  If anyone knows of another TAS member who might be interested in chairing the Conservation Committee, please give that person's name to John Kennington.

Whereupon, the meeting was adjourned until August 2, 2005, at 7:00pm.

Cyndie Browning
TAS Secretary

August 2005


Planning Meeting

October 2005


Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Tulsa Audubon Society

December 6, 2005

The meeting was held at the Zarrow Regional Library.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President John Kennington.

Present:  John Kennington, Martin Brown, Mary Jackson, John Fisher, Gail Storey.

 John Kennington distributed copies of the agenda for the meeting.

Treasurerís Report

         Mary Jackson distributed copies of the treasurerís report.

         John Kennington announced that he still has bird seed left to sell. 


         Some discussion followed about the office of Secretary.  A replacement is needed for Cyndie Browning, who resigned.  It was decided to use a brief form for the minutes of the general meeting.


         Mary Jackson reported that she had researched changing our fiscal year.  The I.R.S. does not have a problem with that.  We might amend our bylaws to reflect the change.  The end of the fiscal year would change from May 31 to August 30.  This would be voted on at a general meeting.  Mary will write up a formal proposal and send it to the Board members for a vote.

Old Business

         John Kennington reported on the Mohawk Park Master Plan.  The skate park and the BMX park will be moved to 56th Street North, outside Mohawk Park.

         John also reported on the Arkansas River Master Plan.  The Nature Sanctuary is part of the plan that was approved.

         It was decided not to pursue the Oxley Nature Center Winter Census.

         John reported on Oxley Nature Center projects.  Improvements to the building are coming along. The design for the exhibits is complete.

New Business

         We need a new Secretary and a new Sales Chairperson.

         John Kennington reported that he attended a meeting for Bob Gard of the Riverparks Focus Group.  The participants would like to start a Riverparks Friends Group. The proposed site for the Indian Museum has been moved farther south.

         We discussed the sad news of the death of Judy Gard. It was decided to donate $50 to a hospice in her memory.  Carol Eames was called for a vote. Mary Jackson will find out the appropriate agency and make the donation.

         John Kennington reported that he participated in a conference call with representatives from the other Audubon chapters in Oklahoma.  A meeting is planned for chapter representatives in February 2006 in Tulsa.  Tulsa Audubon Society will be the host group. Representatives from National Audubon will be invited.

         Gail Storey reported that a small committee of herself, Carol Eames, Mary Jackson, Laurel Upshaw, and John Fisher are working on the December meeting program to honor Aline Romero and the 70th anniversary of Tulsa Audubon Society.  The committee wants to present a framed photograph to Aline, but there have been some copyright problems.  John Fisher offered to research this.  We will also have a special cake for Aline, which Mary is getting.

         It was decided to present Alyne Eiland with a $50 gift certificate from one of the plant vendors at the garden tour.  This is in appreciation for her work in planning and organizing the garden tour. We will wait until Spring to do this.

         Our name tags are still missing.  John Kennington remembers that someone offered to take them home to organize.  Announcements will be made at the meetings and in the newsletter.

Future meetings

         The Board will meet on February 7, 2006 and April 4, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Zarrow Regional Library.

         John Kennington will check his email list to make sure that all board members are receiving the announcements.







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