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Minutes of the 2004 Board of Directors Meetings

Minutes of the Meeting of the
Board of Directors
February 3, 2004

President John Kennington called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. at the home of Bob Gard in Sand Springs. Also present were: Carol Eames, Bob Gard, Marcie Goad, Mary Jackson, Peter Lowen, Tomye Mainer, Amy Lambert, and Cyndie Browning. The minutes of the December 2nd Directors’ meeting were unanimously approved as amended.

No Treasurer's Report was then available but when it arrives, a copy of the report will be filed with these minutes in the appropriate records.

Committee Reports:

Audubon at Home: Gardening for Life: Carol Eames reported that her committee has visited about 12 different yards around Tulsa, and hope to choose at least 5 for this year's Garden Tour (with at least 5 set aside for next year). They have also arranged for 4 plant vendors to offer plants for sale during the tour. Again, the tour is scheduled for June 12-13. Carol said they're hoping to get "a lot" of volunteers to help with the tour so we don't have to pay extra people to help. Each homeowner will receive a $50 gift certificate from the plant vendors. The Garden Tour is the same weekend as the Route 66 celebration so we hope to get some traffic from that event as well.

Eagles: The Eagle Days in January were very successful. We received good coverage on the Channel 6 News and reports in the newspapers.

Old Business

Carol Eames talked about the planned Audubon at Home: Gardening for Life exhibit at Oxley Nature Center, and asked for sketches of ideas about what we want the indoor exhibit to look like, not too much information, something colorful and eye-catching. There will be an indoor exhibit and an area outside the Visitors Center that will be planted with native plants. John Kennington moved that we use the Jankowsky bequest to pay for the exhibits, and Tomye Mainer seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Next was a discussion about the possibility of reducing the cost of the newsletter. Peter Lowen reported that obviously, a 4-page newsletter would save significantly over 6 pages. The current 6-page newsletter costs $226 for the 850 issues produced at a time. Plus another $58 to the volunteers who fold and stuff the newsletter for mailing, and $100 for postage. We discussed the possibility of publishing the newsletter quarterly instead of every other month, and perhaps increasing it from 6- to 8 pages on a quarterly basis. It was also suggested that we might maintain an e-mail list for those who would like monthly updates to the events calendar in between issues of the newsletter. Cyndie Browning also expressed a concern that it should be made clear to current and new members that the local chapter dues of $10/year are for membership, NOT for receiving the newsletter, in the event some members choose to view the newsletter on line in lieu of having a hard copy mailed to them.

If the newsletter goes quarterly, the proposed months for publication are Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, Mar-May, and June-Aug. . Bob Gard double-checked the Bylaws to make sure they don't specify 6 issues/year, then made a motion that the newsletter be published quarterly instead of every other month, and Cyndie Browning seconded. The motion was passed, and it was decided that the new quarterly newsletter will begin publication in Sept 2004. Peter Lowen will also add a notice in the newsletter about accepting e-mail addresses from those members who would like to view the newsletter on the internet rather than have a hard copy mailed to them.

Regarding Vision 2025, Bob Gard received a letter from the advisory committee for the Arkansas River Corridor, offering to represent TAS interests on the committee, and will reply accepting the offer. (Not sure I got this right, Bob.)

Regarding last year's killing of thousands of Purple Martins, John Kennington reported that he had contacted Dick Sherry who said the Fish & Wildlife Dept. was still investigating the incident.

Tomye Mainer asked if TAS was going to support the Audubon Adventures program in 2004, and it was unanimously agreed that we will and that Tomye should go ahead and prepare a letter similar to the one she sent out last year.

John Kennington reported that his brown bag lunch and eagle talk at the Tulsa Garden Center last month was a great success; over 50 people came and brought their lunches.

New Business:

It's time to appoint a nominating committee for the 2004 elections. Neelye Lowrie's name was suggested as a chairman for the committee, and John Kennington agreed to contact Neelye and ask if he's willing to serve in that capacity and to allow him to name his own committee.

Zink Island is getting awfully overgrown and needs to be cleared for the Least Terns but it was decided not to work on that this year.

The matter of choosing a sales price for the Scissortail prints was discussed, and Marcie Goad strongly urged having the print appraised to get some idea of what it's worth. We also talked about the storage of the prints, both of Eagles and Scissortails, and Tomye Mainer wondered whether the club's insurance was sufficient to cover the prints if they were accidently destroyed. John Kennington said he would ask Dick Sherry to check into the cost of such insurance.

A Resource Management Conference will be held at the Garden Center on February 26th, and Carol Eames will make a short presentation about backyard habitat.

Bob Gard announced that Dave Edwards had been contacted by a city councilman for Mannford, asking if TAS would like to have display space in a new exhibit at the Visitors Center, near Keystone Lake. Possible subjects for the exhibit would include butterflies or birds. Carol Eames volunteered (with John Kennington's help) to look into the matter.

Bob Gard also mentioned that Linda Clark would like TAS to consider selling bird Christmas cards as a fund-raising event. The matter was discussed briefly, then it was decided to table any further discussion until a later date.

The Fish & Wildlife Department is holding a regional meeting on March 5th to talk about how the emphasis of wildlife conservation is changing to a habitat approach, rather than an emphasis on species.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. The next meeting will be on April 6, 2004, at 7:00 p.m., at the home of Marcie Goad, 6204 So. Fulton Circle, Tulsa. Her phone number is 492-0460.

Submitted by:

Cyndie Browning
TAS Secretary

Minutes of the TAS Board of Directors' Meeting
April 6, 2004

John Kennington called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m.  Also present were:  Carol Eames, Bob Gard, Marcie Goad, Mary Jackson, Amy Lambert, Jo Loyd, Tomye Mainer, Patty Moser, and Cyndie Browning.  The minutes of the February 3rd meeting were unanimously approved as written.

No Treasurer's Report was available.


Gardening for Life:  An intern at the Zoo is working on the indoor exhibit for the Oxley Nature Center, and Carol Eames reported it's coming along nicely.  However, the outdoor area at Oxley hasn't been prepared yet.  It was suggested that we hit the area with Roundup so we can begin planting, and soon.  Carol reported that the garden tour is really coming along.  We have 5 gardens and 5 plant vendors.  The dates are June 12-13, and Carol said she'll need "lots" of volunteers---at least 30---to help out.  The signs pointing to the tour are being redone.  Another suggestion was to get a few hundred extra July-August newsletters printed to hand out at the garden tour.  Also, something about the tour needs to be added to the TAS website.  And Carol mentioned that she needs help mailing postcard notices about the tour to previous attendees.

Mannford Community Center Exhibit:  Carol Eames received a call from the man in charge of the Community Center.  He wasn't there when Carol visited the place and she said it was very chaotic, disorganized, unfinished, and if that weren't bad enough, the place is hard to find.  The general concensus was that we should _not_ follow up on the matter, especially as preparing the exhibit would cost TAS money we just don't have to spend.

Arkansas River Development:  Bob Gard reported the beginning of a Phase I Study of a Development Plan for the Keystone Dam to the Wagoner County Line.  Community meetings are being held inviting input from the public.  Bob Gard has been named to the Steering and Advisory Committee to represent Tulsa Audubon Society, and they intend to come up with a plan for development.  The Corps of Engineers will be testing water levels, soil samples, etc., to determine where to build.  In the next few weeks, there will be an open meeting to discuss plans where the public can attend and listen (altho' not necessarily contribute anything).

Scissortail Prints:  Judy Gard has an appointment to have the prints appraised.

Insurance:  Dick Sherry will review our options on club liability insurance.  Mary Jackson said she has to pay the premium at the end of May so we need to decide whether or not we're going to change insurance by then.

Nominating Committee:  Carol Eames said she and Gail Storey were working together on the Committee, and the members discussed possible candidates who might be interested in serving as Directors.

Purple Martins:  John Kennington reported he had no "new" news about the Purple Martin kill-off downtown last year but would follow up on it.


John Kennington reported that he's adding a butterfly page to the TAS website with John Fisher's help.

There being no further business to come before the Directors, the meeting was adjourned.  The June meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1, 2004, at Jo Loyd's house, 6736 E. 28th Street, in Tulsa.  Her phone number is 835-2946.

Submitted by:

Cyndie Browning
TAS Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting
of Tulsa Audubon Society
June 1, 2004

John Kennington called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. at Jo Loyd's house.  Members present were Martin Brown, Carol Eames, Bob Gard, John Kennington (president), Mary Jackson (treasurer), Amy Lambert (recorder), Jo Loyd, Tomye Mainer, and Cyndie Browning (secretary).  Martin Brown, our most recently elected director, was introduced to the group.

The minutes of the April Directors' meeting were approved as written.

Mary Jackson distributed copies of the most current Treasurer's Report and reported that she's still waiting for the May bank statement.  She also said she hasn't received the insurance bill yet.  John Kennington still needs to send our current policy to Dick Sherry so he can review it and determine whether or not we need more insurance or if we could pay less for it by switching our coverage to another company.

John Kennington reported that the club's P.O. box was closed temporarily because he kept forgetting to stop by the post office and check the box.  Cyndie Browning volunteered to check the box from now on since she works right downtown.


Audubon Adventures:  Tomye Mainer is resigning as chairperson of this committee.  If anyone's interested in serving on the committee or knows of anyone who might be interested, give those names to John Kennington.  Martin Brown presented some feedback on the Audubon Adventures from his daughter's school:  he said the teachers report that the material is very good and appropriate to their lesson plans, but that they have a hard time getting some of the materials needed to do the projects, like not having enough magnifying glasses for each student to have his/her own.

Gardening at Home:  Carol Eames reported that everything's ready to go for the Garden Tour on June 12-13.  Tulsa World will provide publicity, 1700 postcards were sent to previous attendees, and there are enough volunteers to work the Tour on both days.  Carol also showed us the T-shirts they'd ordered that would be sold during the Tour.

The Oxley project:  Roundup has been applied to the space where our outdoor display will go; however, they won't start planting now until the Fall.  Lee Standing Bear is designing the plan for free.

Vision 2025:  Bob Gard reported that the Advisory Committee on which he represents Tulsa Audubon had another meeting and that the Committee seems to place a high value on preserving habitat, that the so-called "Naturalist's View" has been very well-received so far.  The next big thing on their agenda is the hydrology study to determine the impact of development on the River, including proposed low-water dams.

Tomye Mainer asked whether the Least Terns had returned yet, and Bob Gard replied that yes, they're here as of last night.

Conservation Committee:  Bob Gard presented a letter from the Fish & Wildlife Department concerning the selective cutting of invasive hardwoods in the McCurtain Wildlife Area.  Apparently, some local residents found a law that prohibits the cutting of wood so they're protesting the removal of trees from the area.  Bob talked to Senator Rabon about it; somehow, something needs to be done to make cutting those trees legal.

Mannford Community Center:  No one from the Community Center ever called back to Carol Eames about a proposed display there so the Board decided to just the project, at least, for now.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher prints by Jack Miller:  Bob Gard said his wife, Judy, took a copy of the Scissor-tailed Flycatchers print to a friend of hers (who's about to be certified as an art appraiser) who, after looking at it, suggested the following:1.  Get all the information about Jack Miller we can get:  events in his life after 1985, dates of birth and death, places where his art was exhibited, important buyers, any awards he won, etc.2.  Exhibit a framed print for sale at some event or location.Judy's friend proposed a price of $75-100 per print, but said getting that price would require obtaining more background information about the artist than we have so far.Bob Gard suggested that he thought he might approach the owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Tulsa, to see if she was interested in selling the print on consignment.  If she is interested, that also would give us a place to display a professionally framed print where the public could see it and, hopefully, buy it.  A motion on that point was introduced and seconded, and unanimously approved.


Field Trip Funding:  Suzie Tramel's motion to give $25 to field trip leaders if the field trip was more than 50 miles away from Tulsa was discussed at length.  Amy Lambert asked whether we would "lose people" who lead field trips if we didn't compensate them, and the concensus of opinion was that we would not.  The matter did not come to a vote.

2004-5 Field Trips and Programs:  John Kennington announced that suggestions for programs and field trips for the coming year are needed by July 1st since the new flyer will go out with the next newsletter (Sept-Nov 2004).

Budget:  Mary Jackson passed out copies of a proposed budget for 2004-5 to be discussed at the August meeting of the Board of Directors.  Also, she announced that the club's CD matured, and it was thereafter decided that she should withdraw $2,000 and roll over the rest for another term.

Boy Scouts' Eagle Projects:  John Kennington gave $100 to an Eagle Scout who requested the funds to pay for materials used to rebuild the bird blind at Oxley Nature Center.  The 2003-4 budget had set aside $100 for the president's use so he just used that money without first consulting with the Board.  There was considerable discussion on this matter, and the concensus of opinion was that in the future, all such requests for donations should be brought to the Board for approval before writing any checks.  Those Eagle Scouts who don't plan far enough ahead to allow time for the Board to vote on the matter, will have to wait until the next Board meeting.

There being no further business to be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at about 8:30 p.m.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 3rd, at 7:00 p.m., at Carol Eames' house, 7412 W. 38th Street, phone number: 446-2720.

Submitted by:

_________________________________Cyndie BrowningSecretary

Minutes of the Meeting
of the Board of Directors of
Tulsa Audubon Society
August 3, 2004

Vice President Lynda Fritts called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Carol Eames in Tulsa.  Also present were:  Martin Brown, Carol Eames, Dave Edwards, Bob Gard, Mary Jackson, Peter Lowen, Tomye Mainer, Amy Lambert, Jo Loyd, Patty Moser, and Cyndie Browning.  The minutes of the June 1st Directors’ meeting were approved as written.

Mary Jackson distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report for June.  She was still waiting for the July bank statement.

Committee Reports:

Audubon Adventures:  Tomye Mainer will not be coordinating the Audubon Adventures committee this year.  A discussion followed about the possibility of contacting Tulsa Education Services in order to put a notice in the Superintendent's Newsletter about the availability of Audubon Adventures for any teachers who are interested.

Hospitality:  The Hospitality Committee has been dissolved.

Audubon at Home/Gardening for Life:  Carol Eames reported that this year's Garden Tour cleared a profit of about $3800, and noted that part of that money is earmarked for our 2 projects at Oxley Nature Center.  Also, Carol will be calling a meeting of volunteers in September to begin planning next year's Garden Tour, which will be held on June 11-12, 2005.

Big Day/CBC:  Jo Loyd announced that the Tulsa Christmas Bird Count will be on Saturday, December 18, 2004, and the 2005 Big Day will be on Saturday, May 7, 2005.

Conservation:  Bob Gard attended a meeting of the Arkansas River Corridor Phase I committee today.  The "Arkansas River Corridor" encompanses the river from Keystone Dam to the Tulsa County line (beyond Bixby).  Bob reported that as far as he can tell, the committee's efforts to protect wildlife along the corridor are "so far, so good," and the committee is now moving toward Phase II of the project.  Bob brought along INCOG's Long Term Plan report and offered it to anyone who's interested in reading it, and also suggested that anyone interested in the report will find it on INCOG's internet website.

Eagle Committee:  The 2005 Eagle Days are set for Saturday, January 8, and Sunday, January 16.

Field Trips:  Cyndie Browning distributed copies of the proposed 2004-05 Field Trip schedule.  There was some discussion of arranging a trip to see the bats in western Oklahoma next July, and Peter Lowen agreed to find out more about arranging for such a trip.  Also, Cyndie was asked to contact John Fisher about a possible field trip into the Keystone Ancient Forest Preserve next April or May to see the Scarlet Tanagers. 

Programs:  Lynda Fritts, Carol Eames, and John Kennington are still waiting to hear from several people they've contacted about possible programs for the 2004-05 meeting schedule.

Old Business:

Jack Miller/Flycatcher prints:  Bob Gard passed around a draft of the artist's biography and presented a framed print that will be displayed at Wild Birds Unlimited.  Susan Barnes at Wild Birds has agreed to sell the prints unframed for $50.00, and also intends to donate the entire proceeds of those sales to TAS.  It was suggested and unanimously approved that one of the prints will be given to Susan with many thanks for her generosity to TAS.  Now we need to arrange for publicity about the prints and a press release announcing that the prints are available for sale.  Lynda Fritts suggested possibly framing one of the prints and displaying it at Oxley Nature Center, which might generate additional interest and sales.

Insurance:  Dick Sherry recommended that we keep our insurance with Chubb, at least for now.

Budget:  The proposed Budget for 2004-05 was unanimously approved.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 5, 2004, at 7:00 p.m., at the home of Patty and Paul Moser, 6305 So. 90th E. Ave., Tulsa, phone: 252-2824.

Submitted by:

Cyndie Browning
TAS Secretary

Minutes of the Meeting of
the Board of Directors of
Tulsa Audubon Society
October 5, 2004

President John Kennington called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. at the home of Patty and Paul Moser in Tulsa.  Also present were:  Martin Brown, Dave Edwards, Bob Gard, Mary Jackson, Tomye Mainer, Amy Lambert, Jo Loyd, Patty Moser, and Cyndie Browning.  The minutes of the August 3rd Directors’ meeting were approved as written.

John Kennington introduced a guest, Paul Sebesta, representing National Audubon Society.

Mary Jackson distributed copies of the Treasurer's Report.  She received a check in July from National for TAS' share of 2004 membership fees.  It appears that National's contribution to local chapters will continue for another year so that's good news.  Mary also noted that the bird seed sale netted a little less profit this year than last.

Committee Reports:

2005 Garden Tour:  Jo Loyd suggested that we post signs at next year's Garden Tour houses asking tour customers to let us know if they want to be on our mailing list for next year's bird seed sale.  Jo also reported that plans for the 2005 Garden Tour are proceeding apace, and that the committee would be looking at prospective houses for next year next Sunday.

Conservation:  Bob Gard reported that TAS had been invited to serve on a committee for the Gilcrease Expressway Extension, and that Lynda Fritts would be attending the next meeting of the committee on behalf of TAS.  Bob also reported that Tulsa County had removed some beaver dams in the vicinity of the Osage Trail, and that he planned to call the County and remind them that they're not supposed to "improve" the drainage out there.

Old Business:

The City has decided not to prosecute the Purple Martin matter because the lab where the dead birds were sent did not have the facilities to test for the poisons used to kill the birds.

The Jack Miller Scissortail print is on display at Wild Birds Unlimited.  Carol Eames prepared a press release about sale of the print but has received no response so far.  Cyndie Browning suggested sending information about the availability of the print for sale to Dan Reinking, and Jo Loyd suggested sending it to Rick Stuart, Editor of the OOS newsletter.  A question was raised as to whose name to give as a contact person for more information about purchasing the print, and Cyndie Browning offered that her e-mail address,, could be used for this purpose.

Status of Projects at Oxley Nature Center:  John Kennington reported that they're in the process of re-roofing the Visitors Center Building at present so we don't want to put any plants in the ground around the building until the new roof is on and finished.

The next Directors' meeting will occur on Tuesday, December 7, at 7:00 p.m., at the home of Martin Brown, 8934 So. 39th W. Avenue, Tulsa, phone 446-8667.

With no further business to come before the meeting, Paul Sebesta made a brief presentation about the "Birds and Agriculture Program" which he is directing from an office in Stillwater on behalf of the National Audubon Society.  The aim of the program is to promote environmentally friendly farming practices which will contribute to wildlife conservation.

Submitted by:

Cyndie Browning
Secretary, Tulsa Audubon Society

Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting
December 7, 2004

John Kennington called the meeting to order at 7:15pm at the home of Martin Brown in Tulsa.  Also present were:  Martin Brown, Dave Edwards, Mary Jackson, Tomye Mainer, Jo Loyd, and Cyndie Browning.  The minutes of the October 5th Directors’ meeting were approved as written.

Committee Reports:

John Kennington read a Conservation Committee report from Bob Gard in Bob's absence.

Dave Edwards reported that the Tuesday Morning Birders had seen 5 eagles at the Eagle property that morning, and that someone---Dave Edwards, Bob Gard, Bob Germany, or John Fisher---visits the property every week to keep an eye on the eagles, so if anyone ever wants to go out to the property, just contact Dave to find out who's going and when.  Dave also that he'd hired someone to bush-hog the entrance to the property.

Jo Loyd reported that the CBC is ready to go, and that Patty and Paul Moser are hosting the soup supper the night of the count.

Old Business:

Jack Miller, Jr. has donated the rest of the scissortail prints to TAS.  We talked about ways to advertise the availability of the prints, such as placing an ad in the Oklahoma Today magazine and contacting the editor of the OK Ornithological Society newsletter to put an ad in the next issue of the OOS Scissortail.

New Business:

Martin Brown suggested the possibility of having Scissortails embroidered or silk screened on golf shirts for sale.  We talked about gathering 10-20 orders at a time before placing an order, so we wouldn't have to buy the shirts up front in order to sell them.  Everyone seemed to think it was a good idea.  Now all we have to do is select some artwork and decide how we want to proceed from there.

Martin also suggested sponsoring several teachers to attend the OK Association for Environmental Education's Environmental Expo, but after some discussion, it was decided that since the Expo is in February, it would be better to pursue such a sponsorship program next year, perhaps, about the time the school year starts in August/September.  And the matter was shelved for the time being.

Mohawk Park:  John Kennington announced that a follow-up meeting to the town hall hearing will be held at 1:00pm Saturday at Oxley Nature Center for anyone who's interested.  It'll be a chance to talk about strategies for opposing some of the City's plans for developing Mohawk.  There followed a lengthy discussion about the town hall meeting and options we might look into to try to keep soccer fields, skate parts, dirt bikes, etc., out of Mohawk.

There being no further business to come before the directors, the meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 1, 2005, at 7:00, at the home of Tomye Mainer.

Submitted by:

Cyndie Browning







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