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New and additional Items
not found on mailed order form

If you wish to order any of these items, just add them on to your order when you mail it in. You may print and include this page, or just write them in on your order form.
  Qty Lbs Description Price Total    
  50 Sunflower Chips $60.00  
  25 Safflower Seed $19.00  
  50 Peanut Hearts/Chips $60.00  
  50 White Millet $23.00  
  2 Gourmet Large Seed Cake $6.00  
  1.85 Woodpecker Large Seed Cake $6.00  
  3 Hi-Energy Large Suet Cake $7.00  
    Large Cake Feeder w/ Copper Roof $15.00  


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