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TAS 70th Anniversary Presentation
From the December, 2005 Meeting

At the December 2005 meeting, Tulsa Audubon celebrated our 70th anniversary and also recognized the many years of service provided to TAS by Aline Romero. Here is the presentation featuring some old photos of TAS members. You can also view some photos from the festivities here and you may view a 1986 article about Aline & Forrest Romero here.

The Tulsa Audubon Society was founded on April 23, 1935. This date was chosen to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of John James Audubon.

A meeting of the Tulsa Audubon Society on December 7, 1936 at the East Branch Library.

Christmas Bird Count – December 1936.

One of the first activities of Tulsa Audubon Society was the gathering and recording of data on bird observation.  The office of Recorder has been a vital to carrying out the mission of Tulsa Audubon Society.  Our first recorder was Edith Force Kassing, a founding member and inspirational science teacher.  She held the office from 1935-1938.

Tulsa Audubon Society has played an active role in conservation and bird protection in Oklahoma.  In 1977, T.A.S. member Fred Pianalto began monitoring the interior least terns that were nesting on the sand bars of the Arkansas River.  When Fred retired to Arkansas in 1992, members of Tulsa Audubon Society joined together to carry on his work.

Another long time activity has been Eagle Days.  Volunteers from T.A.S. set up scopes and assist visitors in viewing the bald eagles that feed below Keystone Dam


Aline Romero

Many wonderful people have contributed to the joys and successes of Tulsa Audubon Society.  One special person has contributed immeasurably to our activities. You will see her featured in many of the following pictures.  She is our own Aline Romero.  Aline has served Tulsa Audubon in many ways.  She has been President, Chairman of TMBs, Sales Chairman, leader of many fieldtrips, and much more.

Here are the TMBs at Oxley in 1990.

TMBs in 1990 enjoying a tailgate lunch.

Aline at Oxley with the TMBs.

Aline carrying her scope at Oxley.

This is a field trip to Lake Atalanta in Rogers, Arkansas in May 1993.

Lake Atalanta.

Lake Fort Smith on that same field trip in May 1993.

Here are Forrest and Aline on a 1994 field trip to Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.  Aline was the leader of that trip for several years.

Here are Aline and Forrest at the 60th Anniversary Celebration for Tulsa Audubon in 1995.

Here is Aline cutting the cake at a party for Juanita Martin at Oxley Nature Center in 1995.

Here is another gathering at Oxley in 1995.  Bob Jennings is in front.

Here are the TMBs at Keystone Lake in April 1996.

A field trip to Copan Lake in February 1996.

In May of 1999, the TMBs had a surprise party for Aline to celebrate her 11 years as TMB Chairman.

Aline’s party.

In 1999, the Board of Tulsa Audubon had an outdoor meeting at River Parks.  Some of our members who have passed away, but are fondly remembered, are pictured.- Kay Jackson.

Ruth Rippetoe.

Janet Slater.





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